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Quantum Riddle - Full Documentary HD 2019 5
Quantum Theory, quantum riddle or quantum entanglement.

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its sad that such an amazing video doesn't draw as much attention as most other pointless youtube videos.

Author — Prabhakaran


How could 2 particles act in unison, even when they're separated from each other?

Maybe they aren't 2 particles but 1 and the same that is in 2 places at the same time. If you reveal it, it reveals itself on the other place as well?
Particles can be at many places at the same time.


Maybe there isn't distance between them. We see distance between them from our perspective, but they might be right next to each other in another dimension.
Or they are in the same place in another dimension, and therefore are entangled.

Author — Joris Kemper


Interesting video

Also loving all the keyboard scientists in the comments

Author — IJMO


idk, but I like that plastic shoe wrapper.

Author — Coty Martin


Nice day to watch videos about science when i just noticed about 3 feet of snow outside.

Author — Cjay m


“In physics, the observer effect is the theory that the mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon” 🤔🤨

Author — M K


"We must accept that an action in one place can have instant effect anywhere in the universe as if there's no space between them..."
I wonder what, if anything, this says about, or has to do, with death.

Author — quazzie1


Thanks for fixing the sound... I have been telling all my friends about quantum entanglement for over 15 years now. If it doesn't give you "chills", it only means you have not grasped its implications to our very existence.

Author — Brandy Wasay


So we still know nothing just like we did before

Author — Steve


@ 20:34 E=MC^2 is NOT General Relativity.
And while they appear to really want to bash Einstein in this video, let us not forget that in addition to General Relativity and his paper on Mass-Energy Equivalance, it was him that proved atoms even existed with his paper on Brownian Motion. And while Niels Bohr is recognized as the father of quantum theory, but when it was first developed even he believed it to be just a clever math trick and not representative of reality, but Einstein demonstrated that light was quantized thus proving him correct. Which helped usher in quantum mechanics.
Einstein spent the next 15 years devoted to changing Special Relativity into General Relativity and was not involved heavily in quantum mechanics, but was still so bright that even his musings on the subject made other physicists jump up and study it.

Author — Azael


When I've had one too many, everything becomes spookily entangled.

Author — Forest Tor


Thank you. Let the knowledge flow through you to others and so on.

Author — nishanth584


38:30 what's to stop the attacker from simply establishing a new particle entanglement mid flight...

Author — Rob MacNeil


I'm really starting to detest the word "mindblowing"

Author — Matthew Dorry


I am reading ‘My Big Toe’ trilogy by Thomas Campbell for the ‘like’ third time. This vid really helped understand his hypothesis of simulation.

Author — Robin Swilley


Amazing after all this time we're still hearing the same story. How much have we really progressed in understanding of the universe in the last hundred years.

Author — Andrew Fontana


Change the thumbnail image to attract more viewers, that one doesn't look so interesting.

Author — Madara Uchiwa


Physicists are struggling with determining where to go from here and they can’t make sense of it, because their science relies on what can simply be observed/proven and nothing else. It’s at this time that they should be taking the occult and it’s metaphysical explanations into consideration and with seriousness. I know how society and reputable intellectuals around the globe like to think of occult = Supernatural, magick, and fantasy..but really magick is just a science that is yet to be discovered. After all, each one of us grew up in a world that taught us to believe this way...

Modern science is only just now catching up to, and are able to prove concepts that have been documented and believed by occultists for centuries. Shit, the idea that nothing in the universe is ever truly at rest, and everything has a vibrational frequency was written over 2000 years ago on a famous manuscript titled “The Kybalion”. Funnily enough, the author was said to be the inspiration for the Greek messenger god Hermès and Thoth, the god of wisdom among the Egyptians.

It is called the Law of Vibration and can be found among other laws in the text explaining the fundamental process of how the universe works. But oh, scientists have only discovered this fact in the last century...

Author — Travis Ryan


This stuff made Einstein’s head hurt.
Mine too.

Author — Painter Dood


So our world is like 🇺🇸 money it's an illusion, it's made out of thin air.

Author — Joy Johnson