The Most Important Trace Mineral for Heart and Blood Vessels

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Dr Siddiqui (MBBS, MD ) discusses about an important trace mineral which can correct heart diseases.
Good sources of copper include organ meat, green leafy vegetables, mushroom,dark chocolate.
One of the best sources for getting both zinc and copper is organ meat as the ratio of zinc to copper is 2: 1 which is excellent.
On the other hand muscle meat has zinc to copper ratio as 5:1 which is not very good.
It is therefore important to eat variety of sources of nutrients so that you don't create imbalance of trace minerals.
This is where a Mediterranean lifestyle does so well for cardiovascular health since you get all the trace minerals in an optimal ratio

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Thank you for valuable information.if possible can you please do any video on probiotics role in constipation.

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Terrific channel. Very informative video.

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Lot of thanks sir, , , bahut badiya jaankaari di hay aap ney...Allah bless you and your family sir.... jazakallaah...



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Actually I read that quercetin increase estrogen and may distrupt hormones. I want to use to reduce inflammation. Is that safe for women to use that?plzzz reply

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