USD Sway Team IV 2020 - Eugen Enin - USD Skates

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USD Sway Team IV 2020 - Eugen Enin - USD Skates - 710173
The Sways new look and design continues the journey from where the Throne left off. The simple yet effective shell with lots of support is made of high impact composite material which is wear and abrasion resistant. The USD Basic liner provides essential comfort and function, no bells and whistles but a great price point liner regardless. The added shock absorber adds comfort and reduces impacts from jumps. The new Kizer Fluid V frame features the perfect groove for flat setups and is made out of the legendary Fluid frame material, a high impact composite material that will take any and all abuse. Long lasting and super fast 58mm USD team wheels with WCD ABEC 7 bearings along with heat treated axles provide the high speed roll you need.


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The most technical guy in my opinion!!! So clear tricks!



so smooth, you make it look too easy Eugen!

Author — Wyatt Worcel


Eugen is the man! He always killed it with creative and unique style!

Author — Jermaine Vaughn


Eugen takes any skate and does any trick... good stuff!!!

Author — Nils Jansons


Great skating, I’d never change from my aeons though they are supreme!!!

Author — Hanz Müller


Eugen is my favourite slavic blading Anime character

Author — Bratan Pitt


So clean !!! So much better style, compared to when you ride on xsjado skates. But always amazing tricks ! Thank you !

Author — Filips Usatihs


Очень здорово, профессионально. Красавчик!

Author — Илья Токалов


Recently bought the Farmer Sways and they are awesome fitting and feeling. Came from skating Deshi and eventually the Carbon/Carbon Frees. If your a soft boot fan these skates are great because the Cuff flexes forward! They are not stiff. The My fit liners are amazing as well. Would def. recommend the Sways for any soft boot skater that is looking/try a hard boot but retains the flexibility.
Only Gripe is I wish the 45 degree strap was on all these new models, not just the Farmers.

Author — BizPrime


Sick edit!

I've got the farmer sways and I've just bought these all white sways as well. I assume you know USD but I thought I'd mention it here, so you know the flexy wings I guess you'd call them at the back that sit between the cuff and the liner?

Well I find that cuz my skates cuff go forward and back alot it's bent those wings. Which is especially bad on the farmer sways cuz they then work their way into part of the crown liner and by the end of the session it's all a big jammed up mess.

I have considered removing them completely, but then there'll be even less resistance and I don't want that!

Anyway something I thought I'd mention. I love everything else about these boots hence now owning two pairs!

Author — Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode


wish i had skates to start would love to learn this shit its the flow of it all

Author — Zac Reynolds


Usually I would complain about the music, but his skating is always just so fucking perfect!!?!!!! At least the skates sound good! I'm hyped up to skate now!!! Fuck!! So sick.

Author — Ra Prometheus


White skates are the one for summer! 😍

Author — Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode


Yep, definitely buying a pair of these!

Author — Jeremy McCant


You need to watch all eugen edits in slo mo!!

Author — bryan daluga


:) good right straight run :) shared Bros :)

Author — Cirus


Kami bless Enin-dono🙌🏿

I wonder what the difference is between the sway and classic throne? I mean I really like the design of the sways but they have this throne-ish feel to it. You've been skating the new usd shadows. If you need to compare these with the shadows, ankle support wise, which one has more flexibility?

Author — Spartos King


They look pretty nice, then I found out they were sold out. :(

Author — melan9ds


If their was such a thing as a black belt in blading...he's well beyond the 3rd degree

Author — Robin Abrams


I wonder if the breaking eyelets, forward flex and stuck buckle release issues have been fixed on this boot?

Author — Freestyle Roll