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Flip Edition | Dude Perfect 5

It’s time to flip some stuff!

Music by Toxic Emotion:

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💬 Comments on the video

That nickel flip was SICK haha

Man the dude perfect studio looks FRESH

Author — 6Foot4Honda


Tyler's first trick shot ever: Throws a basketball into a hoop backwards.
Chad's first trick shot ever: Flips a nickel

Author — Carl McKrinn


I wish I could get paid this much for having fun like these guys

Author — Jerome Kloepfer


3:56 does anyone notice the pencil in the basketball net!😂

Author — Catfish Wrangler


I love this YouTube world because it recommends old things

Author — FF Gamepass


It’s so sad that they put so much time into one trick shot but it only appears for a few seconds in the video

Author — Bear Burst


(Tyler) “Heads or tails?”
(Chad) “None.”

Author — Epic 6aM3r


Can’t imagine how many cups garret broke when flipping them into the dishwasher

Author — Vaxxon s


The 55k likes are ppl who did this at home but didn't record it

Author — Blaze Onyx


Does anybody else flip stuff randomly then land it unintentionally?

Author — Fortnite Legend34


When it was doing the flashback for the bottle hitting notice that Everytime Tyler was like Aaaaah for like 2 seconds

Author — Idk We're all stupid


after fliping the mugs to the dishwasher, now flip the dishwasher🤣

Author — Namu Mies69


4:38 My eyes were bleeding after seeing this

Author — Manisha Kadam


4:12 I was wondering why there were footprints on the wall XD

Author — ZAMination


Everyone else : Flipping pencils, and small things
Ty : Flipping a ladder

Author — Kaaviya


Anyone else just randomly suggested this during quarantine?

Author — Silva


Looks like That’s amazings father is Garret

Author — shivajothi Anantharaman


Nobody :
Tyler : doing only ladder flips in the whole video

Author — Reaper


The background music gets me so nostalgic to when I first watched this. Anyone else

Author — Dylan Gomez


Ladder:I am hurt :(
Sofa:I am done with my life :'(

Author — CJY GT