IFSC World Championships Hachioji 2019 - COMBINED - Speed Qualification Men

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IFSC World Championships Hachioji 2019 - COMBINED - Speed Qualification Men 4.5

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💬 Comments on the video

there's a small novelty value to watching the greatest climbers of their generation flounder on the speed wall, but glad to see the back of this format after Tokyo... utterly ridiculous 😂

Author — Blake Williams


That lanyard wasn't anywhere near the pad... Looks like the buzzer stopped when he hit the top panel, perhaps it's too sensitive?

Author — Mayasounds


meichi got 6.7 in that second run, but 7.7 in the final standings??? i hope they corrected that...

Author — Denver Nugoats


The location of the auto belays is INCORRECT! The official requirement is that the auto belays be positioned one meter from the wall. That is why the rope hit the finish pad on Rishat's speed run. The IFSC should not have allowed this!

Author — D L


so annoying to always klick through the end of every video to check the standings because the ifsc website is so badly done :/

Author — Michael Martin Szedenik


I have to say that the IFSC website is really quite confusing. I cannot find the updated result of the womens' combined qualification that the commentators mentioned.

Author — w0ttheh3ll


it's weird that most of the fastest speed climbers will probably not even qualify for the olympics.
makes it almost pointless to have included speed climbing in the first place, although I understand and respect the intention of presenting the different aspects of sports climbing to the public with only one olympic medal available.

Author — w0ttheh3ll


I absolutely love watching this format. I know its really rough on the competitors to practice all the disciplines, but it really shows how malleable they are!

Author — Karan Sindhwani


I dont think it was fair for rishat to get a rerun alone. They should have calculated his time on the first run. If you run alone there is no pressure and it feels like practice. He would have been like 6 or 7th if he didn’t get that rerun. They should have at least given everyone an alone run to be fair.

Author — Adam ALOUANI


Such a cute girl at beginning. Wondering if she is thinking about her chance up on the stage years from now.

Author — Specialis Revelio