Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union

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Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union 4.5
Stephen Colbert delivers a LIVE monologue following Trump's un-lively State of the Union Address.

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Trump's defining moment: Investigate me and I will shut down the whole country!!!

Автор — Van Wong


Nixon attacked the Watergate investigation in 1974 in what turned out to be his final State of the Union speech. That's a case where I hope history repeats itself.

Автор — Kevin McGuire


"Our country was founded on liberty and independence, and not government coercion, domination and control."

I know I should be used to it by now, but this kind of bullshit makes me want to throw my laptop across the room whenever I hear it (and all U.S. politicians do it, not just Republicans). Most people in this country couldn't vote or own property when it was founded, and a lot of them were slaves. To say nothing of much of the land being acquired by genocidal theft from the residents who were already there. That sounds a lot like "coercion, domination and control" to me.

Old news, yeah, but still needs to be pointed out every time.

Автор — yohei72


Best part? Watching Nancy. Her expressions were like, what on earth is he talking about and how do I smile through this crap?

Автор — Karen Walsh


Sad piece of work. The con man who hung around bad actors most of his life. You can fool some of the people all the know the rest. He projects so much. He lies all the time. I thought we were smarter than a con man.

Автор — ocean4view


Ugh, imagine being finally honored by the president and then it's Trump. Must be absolutely crushing.

Автор — MforMovesets


No other country can compete with America, except in the areas of education, health care, systemic racism in law enforcement, liveable wages, scientific advancement, murder rates, gun crime rates, electoral system, system of government and moronic national leader. Yeah nobody does anything better than the USA

Автор — Green and White


I love how Americans constantly have to tell themselves they're the greatest. If you have to tell yourself you're basically kidding yourself.

Автор — Stewart M


This is so sad. Our country is being run by an unfit dingleberry.



Alien vs. Predator, isn't that the title of Trump's marriage to Melania?

Автор — KingOfMadCows


"Everything good that happened is all me, anything bad that happened is all you."

Автор — Kushko


You forgot the last and main part of Trump's ethos:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery

*Ignorance is Strength*

Автор — Huy Ly


How can you tell 45 is lying?

His lips are moving.

Автор — Lumberklik


Good God, that's your

Автор — drift Techie


It must've been SOOOO hard for those republicans to stand up and clap without a spine

Автор — Jessica B


trump is poison- Honestly, Americans and their paranoid obsession with "socialism" ; I mean even most democrats hold opinions that would be considered as right wing in a lot of countries...really this is the kind of mentality that get's arseholes like trump elected....

Автор — Khasab


Many Americans filing their income taxes got a rude awakening that they owe taxes because for the things that they use to be allowed credit for are no longer allowed thanks to Trump and
the Republican Party's rewrite of our tax laws to give to the rich and rob from the poor!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

Автор — Gwen30


"America transformed science" - what to? what was wrong with it? ...oh, Climate Change.

Автор — Martin Taper


yeah nobody can compete with america! we incarcerate the most people, we're the most obese and the most addicted to drugs, our middle class is disappearing and students are drowning in loans. we have an absurd amount of homeless people and people living below the poverty line for a so called 'advanced' nation. mass shootings happen more often here than anywhere else. needless to say- trump was right about something. nobody can compete with the travesty that is america

Автор — Katherine B


Funny how corporations can just easily dump their waste into the environment so much more easily under this administration what with the relaxed legislation that they've passed allowing rich corporations to do so. Watch them start charging people for clean air in time.
I would like to see how people are going to be able to pay their clinic bills, hospital bills treatment bills, prescription bills along with the rising cost of their premiums with the health care legislation they've passed.
That's surely going to kill many people off if they can't afford their health care expenses and we allow the damage to the environment to carry on. You know it's going to cause a lot of people to become sick with respiratory conditions among other health issues.
How will many of those people that become sick and struggle pay check to pay check just to get by, pay their health care expenses when they become sick due to the negative impact on the environment corporations are now enjoying being able to get away with considering the relaxed legislation this administration allows and has passed when it comes to protecting the environment against the corporations that save a penny to improperly dispose of their waste into it?
I can only imagine the damage to the Eco system as well as the environment that will occur over little time from now. What will eventually happen to the crops and the sea life and how will all that in turn effect us all? I cannot imagine the eventual outcome looking all that good. How is this administration going to try and tell us that giving hand outs (tax cuts) to the richest while making those less well off pay more in taxes, be a good thing for the majority when the majority of people are in fact not rich?
If this administration cared about the health of the people why raise the cost of premiums and health care expenses or prescription costs as they've done with their version of a health care plan? Why allow the destruction of the environment?
Why ignore cleaner sources of power like wind, solar, water etc. if they claim to care about the people and environment we all live in?
Why allow corporations to get away with improper waste disposal if they care about the environment? Is it a bad thing to care about the environment we all depend on to sustain healthier lives? If it's not a bad thing than why is this administration not caring enough about the environment we all depend on to live healthier lives? Why allow corporations to be able to get away with the environments destruction when allowing that will in turn negatively impact the health of many? We only have one earth people and there is no reset button.

Автор — Steve Jarvis