Volcano Eruption Power Comparison

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Volcano Eruption Power Comparison 4
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We compare the scale, power and size of several infamous volcanoes and how they compare in size to others. From VEI index 1 to 8, we compare the power of eruptions of volcanoes from Stromboli (VEI 1) to Eyjafjallajökull (VEI 4) to Krakatoa (VEI 6) and even to super volcanoes such as Yellowstone (VEI 8) and even "hyper-volcanoes"!

Mt Tambora (VEI 7) has wrong plume height and tephra released, the correct one should be: Plume Height: 40km/25mi, Tephra released: 160km3.
Rinjini is spelled wrongly, it should be Rinjani
Additionally, "Hyper-Volcano" is not a real word and does not exist! But it sounds amazing!

Music Used: Kevin Macload - Hitman

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The explosion of the Yellowstone volcano would most likely indeed end life here in the United States and probably elsewhere. It’s a super volcano, nothing is more powerful on earth.. let that sink in

Автор — Scotty W


For reference, Mount Everest is 5.5 miles high. Some of these plume heights reach 80+ miles. Amazing.

Автор — TheYTChronicles


If the volcanoes are talking, they would argue who has the most powerful eruption. Until Io of Jupiter slapped them with his "Fire Spin".

And since my country's volcano (Pinatubo) belonged to the Colossal tier, i'm surprised.

Автор — Trishia Bidaure


The Io Hyper Eruption is calculated to be VEI 9

Автор — LokiIsHere


so when does this eruptions over comes the atmosphere n goes into space?

Автор — Chantality


Here to see volcano comparisions not learn about some crappy ass game..

Автор — KRATOS 805


It would be helpful If after the video they put the location against a world map where these eruptions took place....

Автор — jennifer foulbrains


*EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL* Eruption (2010)


EDIT: Hey guys my mom just told me when that volcano erupted my mom was on a flight, and they had to do an emergency landing to Rome :c She had to stay at the airport like all the people :'<

Автор — Ika The Cat


Lol Yellowstone and La Gareta be like “Ey we are the strongest eruptions around! Surely no one could possible beat u—“ Lo’s Hyper Eruption “hELLO BOYS RAAAA”- (video cuts)

Автор — HexterXD


Geez and I thought the Yellowstone and Toba eruptions were bad. I've heard of the Siberian Traps, and that one in Colorado, and knew they were bigger, but holy crap that hyper eruption on Io is freaky on a whole other level.

Автор — RicoLen1


Indonesia Eruption=Sinabung, Tambora, Toba, Krakatoa, and Other else but TOBA is the biggest eruption in the world, And the loudest sound eruption is KRAKATOA. INDONESIA😢😢😵😵😭😭



There are so many eruption from my country, Indonesia 🇮🇩, 😢

Автор — Rigby Rigby


0:42 when she keeps sucking but youve been cumming for over 2000 years

Автор — flamingrubys11


Does anyone know what the VEI of the recent Guatemala Eruption is?

Автор — Jorge Ramos


Why the hell are my Grandpa’s farts not on the list?

Автор — Gavin Visco


I usually hate sponsored videos "Hey, buy this or download that" but I've genuinely been looking for a good Viking game to play recently ha

Автор — Nico Wonderdust


its herculanum and pompei not only pompei .
pompei is just famous because it was discovered first .

Автор — LuftWaffe ME 109bf


What would be the VEI of the current eruption in Guatemala

Автор — Pedro Izquierdo


Mt Sinabung, Krakatoa, Tambora, Rinjani, Toba is in my country Indonesia because the location between two continent Asia and Australia ( Ring of Fire ) that makes so many active volcanos mountain and earthquake.

Автор — weka Animal Lovers


Another volcano with deadly eruptions is Kilauea, which is in Hawaii. It had one bad eruption many years ago, and recently, it did it again.

Автор — Bobby Stinklehoffer