Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look

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Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look 5

Seth takes a closer look at Trump reeling off fantasies about the coronavirus just "going away" after two West Wing aides test positive and unemployment soars to its highest level since the Great Depression.

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Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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The genuine smiles and laughter at the end really does bring a much needed positive moment into an otherwise depressing time of despair. Keep your chins up everyone!

Author — Cute Critters


The cutest wasps i have ever seen. His children are adorable.

Author — Ptao Tom


If all wasps looked that cute, we’d ALL be lining up to get stung

Author — Jo HexxKitten


His answer to the Mother’s Day question was hilariously deranged, how the hell can people think voting for this guy is a good idea?

Author — shaktar


I can't believe he actually said: "I learned a lot from Richard Nixon." Sadly just not quite enough.

Author — Emily An


Listen guys, I’ve had a stroke and I’m missing part of my brain and I guarantee you that I can speak more clearly and competently than our rotten carrot of a president.

Author — PurnceNMe


I don’t like him I never did vote for him and I never will he makes me sick 😷

Author — Carole Ann Miller


It's even sadder that technically viruses don't die because they're already non-living outside the human body. I hate this man

Author — husen boriwala


Trump: "Covid will go away without a vaccine"...

Trump, literally 2 seconds later: "It will come back in the fall, though."


Author — I'm on your side!


He just can’t say anything nice. He spends his time calling people derogatory names like a child. If he wanted people to think he is as smart as he says he is maybe he should stop the name calling and speak in whole sentences with words that actually make sense.

Author — Nancy Jackson


“Our drooling, potato brained, Caligula” is absolute poetry

Author — Cam Warnock


"Drooling potato head Caligula" - PERFECT!

Author — Judy Harrington


I like how more copies of “The Thorn Birds” are added in the back.

Author — Efe Erol


My God He just rambles on and on, completely contradicting himself all the time.
Nixon advised him never to fire He does nothing but fire people - so much for taking advice - even from Nixon!!!!

Author — 8alot4t


Haven't been able to laugh and smile since this whole covid 19 pandemic accord but watching your segments had me laughing knowing that together we can all get through anything that comes at us, even a bad president... keep up the good work

Author — Danny West


This may be my favorite "A Closer Look in the Attic" episode yet. The jokes were savage AF and sooo on point, the "Thorn Birds" kept me chortling, and those none...the cutest damn wasps EVER! Love you guys!!

Author — merangreen


The funniest part is that Americans actually voted for him in the first place.

Author — Jacqueline Beaulieu


Release the Wasps! Adorable. Also, sorry about your country.

Author — Dana Collins


This vid title could have LITERALLY been for any day over the last 4 years...

Author — Michael McClelland


I just had major surgery and I thought I was going to need my ribs stiched back together from laughing so hard when he started to sing, "In the Arms of an Angel"!

Author — Suzanne D