Documentary: Rog Tovarna

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As we explored the beauty of Slovenia we came across the capital Ljubljana where we found an old bike factory named 'ROG'. Located in the very center of this green city, it has been transformed into an art generating hot-spot over the past few years. This short documentary tells you the current story of this almost sacred factory.

Music is by Mick Pedaja:

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Came for bicycle history stayed for the great documentary. It looks really cool there, lots of awesome people:)

Author — Stan


So-oo-ooo b e a u t i ' f u l l !! Such an amazing and high quality work from the audio/visual producers also. This place should and I humbly wish - believe, it shall flourish !
Gratitude for all of such people. Thank Yous all for what you are . Blessing to this world . In Lak'ech . Namaste

Author — javi4est


Really nice photography, lots of talent in your videos @Gram Media

Author — IcyHammer


Love this! Picked up a ROG bike from a flea Market in France. Googled the name and found your Documentary. Love the pace of the edit as well.

Author — Joyport


Greatings from ORKZ ^_^ ( Some form of living in Groningen the Netherlands) <3

Author — Susanne Pinheiro Bartolo


You guys forgot to mention all drug addicts and stuff like this

Author — Pike


Nism še biu tm, morm jt enkrat pogledat. Zgleda kul!

Author — snazzy sailor


The police, the major of Ljubljana, succeeded to clean up the place - a big loss for alternative culture, and politics in Slovenia

Author — Lepartizan