Alan Butler - Megalithomania 2011 Interview

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Alan Butler qualified as an engineer, but was always fascinated by history and made himself into something of an expert in ancient astronomy and calendar systems. Since 1990 he has been researching ancient cultures, pagan beliefs and comparative religion and has published several successful books in his own right on topics such as Goddess survival, the Knights Templar, the Grail legends and even one book specifically about the history of Sheep! Working with Chris Knight Alan has contributed to Civilization One, Who Built the Moon, The Hiram Key Revisited and most recently Before the Pyramids. Alan admits that his interest in history is a near-obsession and he continues to broaden the scope of his research. He is also a musician, a playwright and a lover of comedy. At Megalithomania 2011 he discussed his incredible discoveries about ancient measure and its relationship to Thornborough Henge in Yorkshire, Orion, Giza and even Washington DC.

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Before the Pyramids is easily one of the most interesting books I've got my hands on. Christopher Knight, Alan Butler, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval do more for piecing together ancient history than any of the fundamental teachings I was raised on.

Author — Burnin' Leather


but you KNOW the Giza pyramids were NOT built 2, 500 years bc... so you are being rather dis-ingenious. Before the pyramids there were VERY primitives peoples...

Author — 17soulable