Avengers Endgame: How History Defines The Avengers – Wisecrack Edition

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Avengers Endgame: How History Defines The Avengers – Wisecrack Edition 5

Superheroes: You keep getting older, and they stay the same. Or do they? Join us as we explore how the Marvel Cinematic Universe remained cohesive while giving its main characters three very different kinds of narratives. We'll also see how these narratives correspond to 3 different philosophies on history.

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Written by: Matthew Theriault
Directed by: Elizabeth Yarwood
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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Hey everyone. A quick correction. The adjective "linear" to describe the work of Marx and Hegel isn't quite right - they both view history as dialectical, which involves a lot of back and forth. But they both, as the video mentions, imagine an overall progress towards an endpoint.

Author — Wisecrack


You can see this progressions in their powers too. Thor begins with Mjolnir and ends with Stormbreaker, which does basically the same thing, cyclical. Captain America uses shields, often the same shield, and Iron Man improves his suits in every movie.

Author — Fernando Franco Félix


I'm so glad you included Thor. So many other essays i've watched gloss over him to focus on cap and tony

Author — Alec McInnis


"All more successful than Loki"

Author — TheDeathmail


I would argue that Cap DOES have an arc. in The First Avenger, he was a naive idealist who (somewhat) trusted his own nation to be righteous. He also sacrificed himself to defeat the embodiment of "pure evil". Waking up some 70 years later, he's no longer that naive idealist during WW2, and he learned the hard way that his beloved nation might not be too far from the proto-bully he abhors. Then he somewhat relied on the avengers as his family, and Civil War happened.

Cap's character is not unchanging. Over 7 movies, he always struggled to find the immutable righteous cause, and he had to readjust to the ever changing reality like all of us. By the time of Endgame, he's significantly matured and more well-balanced, not because he always has the moral high ground, but because all the struggles and tribulations refined him. In the refining process, he gradually shed the poster boy Cap persona, while gradually becoming a fleshed-out person. That is why his ending is so fitting and fulfilling.

Cap's character arc can also be summed up as Projected (propaganda) Hero VS. Real Hero. His individual movies had the biggest impacts in the MCU because they are the most coherent and serialized stories.

Author — Sun JoeXYS


Thor : cyclical
Cap: constant
Ironman : consistent progress

Author — LORDE 2729


Finally an endgame video that's not on Looper, WatchMojo, CBR, etc.

Author — Taisen's Cool Stuff


I just realized something: Captain America finally embodied all the American ideals; that of freedom, liberty, and most importantly, the *pursuit of happiness.* In the ending of Endgame, he finally made the choice to stick with Peggy instead of endlessly serving like he used to. He really became the American ideal.

Author — Kevin Rivera


If you look at their fighting, it works the same way.
Thor uses a hammer and axe: both require the use of repetitive motion.
Cpt America uses a shield: a defensive arm that doesn't waver.
Iron Man has repulsor blasts and missiles: projectiles that move straight forward and don't look back.

Author — Juan Manuel Penaloza


" I want to stand up to bullies"

Stands up against the most feared army ever.

Author — Caden Glass


The Big Three arcs in terms of Math equations:

Cap: y=c
Tony: y=x
Thor: y=sin(x)

Author — ItchyButtDog


I was deeply satisfied with Endgame and specifically the end of Cap and Tony's stories -- and I'm thrilled to have Thor join the Guardians of the Galaxy

Author — Mister Cardholder


A scene in the first avengers sums up captain America’s arc

Loki commands a crowd of people to bow, and an old man confronts him
Old man: “not to men like you”
Loki: “there are no men like me”
Old man: “there are always men like you”

Seems fitting that cap was the one who jumped in to save his life

Author — Patrick Carrasco


That was the best breakdown of the MCU/character arcs so far and explains why people love this franchise! Keep up the good work.

Author — Vincero Alpha


There's one thing that changed about Cap, and we see it in Endgame... The elevator scene. It just feels like this Steve is more wise, more experienced than the younger version who would just punch his way out of the elevator... This Steve ended the debate calmly and easily with one phrase... Hail Hydra!

Author — Vovacat17 Владимир Кузнецов


I got chills when I heard Cap say "Avengers Assemble" during the final battle of Avengers: Endgame...
We live in #TheMarvelAge

Author — Matt Chew


10:50 Cap's refusal to sacrifice Vision to defeat Thanos makes a good contrast with Dr. Strange's decision to let Tony sacrifice himself.

"When it comes to saving you, or the kid, or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to let either of you die." Came true.

Author — Andrew Marcus


Cap's lack of change shines a light on the changes and progression of Tony and Thor (and the others). He's that stable force that gives us better perspective on the others.

Author — Kenneth Wright


me: I'm so sick of Endgame analyzing videos
also me: Wisecrack has a vid about Endgame

Author — Krystal Shelby


"Blue furry remake of Dances with Wolves."

I'm dying.

Author — Nemo Verne