Should I invest in ULIPs?

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Discipline in equity Mf is very difficult any emergency ppl withdraw which is difficult in ulips ..: now most ulips return morality charges is it still not worth ?

Author — imran khan


Very clear cut and apt too. Fantastic...

Author — Prithvi Narayan Sinha


I am looking any ULIP policy with below requirement.
Pay Term - 5-10 Years
Policy Term - 25-30 Years (One time payout)
Policy premium - 36000-48000 per year

Basically, I am looking any ULIP policy with least pay term and most policy term.

However it is market linked plan but how much rate of return I can expect in 25-30 year policy term.

Author — Mukesh Kumar


completely different answer as they want people to only invest in share market. Ulips are always the best option for tax savings - free switch-no long term gain tax- best option to grow money and buy signature online with nil charges.

Author — Sameer