Jaimini Class 1: Jaimini Astrology and Karakas | Rahul Kaushik

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KARMA ALIGNMENT OFFLINE COURSE ( PUNE ) August 26th to 29th 2022.
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Jyotish Vedang is an India-based R&D institution that works especially in the field of Astrology. Besides this Jyotish Vedang also provides Vedic knowledge in a modern context. Jyotish Vedang was founded in 2012 by Mr. Rahul Kaushik, one of India's best astrologers.

About this video:
Jaimini Astrology is one of the oldest and most profound branches of astrology. This video will tell you about the Jaimini Astrology Karakas and what role they play in predicting events.

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You are extremely good teacher.. get lot to learn...good wishes Sir

Author — spiritual life


Thankyou for your knowledge!! I've been recently listening to your videos and humbled and amazed by your skills and learning 🙏

Author — Meenakshi Mishra


Simple and excellent teaching.. Thanku Sir 🙏😃

Author — Meenakshi Vishwakarma


You are great dear sir, you are a boon for us.

Author — Gourav Sisodiya


Very effective teaching.Thank you sir.

Author — Dr.urmila Yadav


Really a very Accurate technique Sirji..!!

Author — Kaalu Netta


Planet placement in Lagan Kundli has been referred in order to analyse transit . The confusion is that NBC chart shows the same planet in Lagan kundli placed in a house other than placement in Lagan Kundli. So the question is that for this particular video, Should we use NBC planet placement or Lagan Kundli Planet placement

Author — Varun Ohri


Higest degree :atmakark( soul) first house
2n highest amatiyakark finance 2, 10, 11
3rd hi. Bhratiyakark brother 3rd house 9thhouse

Author — shekhar chauhan


Hello sir ji I am sunil from dehradun uttrakhand my DOB.is 13.05.1972 at 00:30 place of birth is Dehradun uttrakhand can I learn astrology if it is possible then let me know how can I join your course

Author — Skt Institute Of Accounts


Sir where is ur institute I want to learn

Author — Usha Aggarwal


Are charkarka related to driver and conductor of birthdate

Author — Suneet Rastogi


Plz improve your poor sound quality .

Author — Yash Sonkar


sir KP nakshatra ke results ka kya hoga?? dono ek dusre oppose karenge to kiska result aayega??

Author — Rinkesh Ambavi


10th house mai taurus hai oos ka swami venus hai venus aries mai hai, MARS jab aries mai aaega gochar mai then money aaegi kia?

Author — Sahil singh


sar amatue karak greh 12th house mein Ho to uska nag dharan kar sakte hai?

Author — Rajesh Singla


I like the channel. but first 19 mins of this video have nothing to do with Jaimini astrology. Please correct the title or edit the video.

Author — Prashant Mandare


what does this mean 2-6-10-11 kai swamio ki rashio mai jab jab ADL parwesh karegi tab money aaegi?

Author — Sahil singh


Mai sikha kay rahu gi sir thx 10 baar video dekhi hu

Author — vikash singh