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Sudden Strike 4 - Angry Impressions 3
AngryJoe & Otherjoe Play Sudden Strike 4, the latest in the nostalgic Sudden Strike Series, how does this realistic WWII RTS measure up? Find out in our Angry Impressions at the conclusion!

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I'm irritated they don't use accurate swastika flags (probably for political correctness), Its history!! You shouldn't try to re-write it.

Author — Whizzerand Chips


I have been a long time fan of Angry Joe and it is sad to see what is happening to this channel, both content wise and fanbase wise. IMO its fine that AngryJoe doesnt want to do game reviews all the time, game reviews require A LOT of effort, time and money, and I understand him very well. However, I think Joe should put some more effort in the other stuff that he does. Maybe create movie reviews with a little better quality or with some fun put into it. The same goes for these kinds of videoes. Anyone can put up a camera and record themselves playing a new game. The effort and the fun that is put into the videoes are what makes this channel unique and I think Joe should focus more on that also. Not hating or anything I love Joe, this is just a tip from a concerned fan. Its sad to see where this channel is headed as it is the only channel I dearly follow here on youtube.

Author — ShabaniVSandy


Dear angry joe, thank you for the amazing and honest content through the years i hope you keep doing what you do and you have my full support and what your channel is going through is only temporary and honestly not even worth worrying about !! Much love <3

Author — hamza baldi


Keep uploading what you want, Joe.✌😺✌

Author — latina_fangirl


The videos has been up for 3 minutes, and 18 dislikes already, and the video is 23 minutes... Come on. If you don't like what Joe posts, LEAVE!

Author — WrestlingGuy84


Uploaded 13 minutes ago.
Video is 23 minutes long.
Already 113 dislikes.

Wow. Joe has a lot of pissed off haters.

Author — JoaLoft


Game looks great joe, thanks for showing this to us! Keep up the great work!

Author — mattig89ch


PSA: None of the people complaining are going to stop by insulting them. Some are trolls and thrive on the conflict others are just disappointed fan who get defensive and hostile. There is no point to it you wont change their minds, you'll just make it worse. The best thing you can do to show your support is talk about the actual content of the video and let Joe know you like it, while ignoring others whom you disagree with and who are looking for attention.

Author — StraightShooterGaming


He got pay by the developers to make this video, what a sellout

Author — Alejandro Stark


We wholeheartedly welcome angry joe to Corporate Commander Unethical Practices Ltd.

Author — EA Executive


this was his twitch stream like a week or two ago....

Author — Azhrei2000


Does anyone else not give a shit about this content but just comes here to read the comments?

Author — britbloc123


I Just Got Huge Blitzcrieg Vibes. I played That Game Like 10 Years Ago

Author — Denny Phantom


Hey Lazy Joe Review Uncharted the lost legacy :)))

Author — Domino Godbane


I see more people complaining about haters and toxic comments (which I really had to search for by the way, there's like 4 I could find.) than there are toxic comments from the the haters? LoL

Author — Captain Poopy Pants


Drifting in World War 2... like a BAUS!

Author — ESFAndy011


AngryJoe never reviewed any of the Men of War games did he?

Author — City Hunter


Your still my favorite youtuber joe :)

Author — That1guy


We need angry impressions on the new star wars battlefront 2 gameplay

Author — Shay Mc laughlin


OTHER base builders? you mean R.I.P. Command & Conquer?

Author — Manuel85