classical status for Marathi by civil funda

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Classical status for Marathi

A proposal for granting classical language status to Marathi is under ‘active consideration’.
Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language of western and central India.
It is the official language of Maharashtra and co-official language in Goa.
It is descended from the ‘Mahārāṣṭrī Prākrit, Marāṭhī literature books are printed in Devanāgarī script, which is also used for handwriting.
Although for handwriting there is also an alternate cursive form of Devanāgarī called Modi.
Marathi gained prominence with the rise of the Maratha Empire beginning with the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji (1674–1680).
Criteria for Classical language status,
High antiquity of its early texts/recorded history over a period of 1500-2000 years.
A body of ancient iterature/texts, which is considered a valuable heritage by generations of speakers.
The literary tradition is original and not borrowed from another speech community.
The classical language and literature being distinct from modern, there may also be a discontinuity between the classical language and its later forms or its offshoots.
Current Classical Languages in India are,
Tamil (since 2004)
Sanskrit (since 2005)
Telugu (since 2008)
Kannada (Since 2008)
Malayalam (since 2013)
Odiya (since 2014)
Benefit of declaring Indian language as the Classical Language,
A Centre of Excellence for Studies in Classical Languages will be set up.
The UGC can be requested to create, a certain number of professional chairs for classical languages, for scholars of eminence in the concerned language in Central Universities.
Two major annual international awards for scholars of eminence in the classical language.