The Barnyard Game Was Better Than the Movie

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The entire franchise of Barnyard feels like a fever dream

Author — @Vailskibum


Fitting that the boys have taken it upon themselves during Pride to talk about one of animation's most famous trans characters: Otis the cow

Author — @nachoburger1


I was a programmer on this milky game. I worked on the night barn, gopher shop, whac-a-rac, pigs kitchen cooking minigame, and the milk churning. I demand my award!

Author — @bananaboy41


“raw sexual energy” isn’t a phrase i was expecting to hear in a video about barnyard

Author — @34SMART


"There is a lot of dialogue in Barnyard 2016, yet it doesn't seem to be saying anything at all."

Killed me with that line.

Author — @experimentsininsanity4478


Imagine not even acknowledging that half the characters are MALE COWS

Author — @AdThe1st


I feel like this game has WAYYY more work put into it than anyone ever would’ve expected, especially for a game based off of a Nickelodeon movie from the early 2000’s!

Author — @missionfailed1015


11:26 squirting milk on otis while he’s mourning is so disrespectful 💀

Author — @miketibbits8899


As a kid, I fucking loved the movie. I used to watch it weekly for two years straight.

Author — @drakevick1646


eddy's custom cow being named uddy is one of the funniest things i think i've seen in my entire life

Author — @c1nnamodoll


The developers should make a cover based milk-type third person shooter

Author — @elijahs8560


“Meet me behind the barn”- every animal in this game

Author — @socialredact


I spent an absolutely unreasonable number of hours on this game. I remember I used to have nightmares about some of the especially hard minigames LMAO

Author — @FearlesslyRed


"None of these games feature squirting, milking, creaming, or animals partying"

You obviously haven't modded Oblivion hard enough.

Author — @DJBorsh


i was just thinking to myself yesterday "i wish burback would make a video, specifically one about the barnyard video game". get out of my head, edward and tonward

Author — @grocket9520


I was really not prepared to be discussing my “squirt journey” today, but just like placing flowers on Ben’s grave, you never know where life will take you

Author — @laurenl1088


i've been waiting WEEKS for this video but i'm working right now and can't risk my coworkers seeing cows spraying milk on each other on my computer screen

Author — @taradacdoll7793


Absolutely convinced that the sunglasses are there to reference the Matrix, and a cow doing a Matrix reference is itself a reference to Steve Oedekerk’s earlier work Kung Pow Enter The Fist which has probably the first comedy parody of the Matrix 360 camera turn with a cow shooting milk at the main character. This game is High Art

Author — @Unstbecsta


Oh fun Eddy is on a road trip! Hopefully he had a nice relaxing time with his family and girlfriend.

Author — @wiggles.


When I was a kid my mom would go to the gym and put me in the kids room while she was there and for some reason the only media they had was Barnyard the movie and Barnyard the video game so once a week I would spend an hour listening to the sounds of Barnyard the movie while playing Barnyard the game with a different child. Maybe the happiest I’ve ever been

Author — @ellapowell3437