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A biased nostalgic review that is more of an advert for a very deserving game. Swat has always been a strong series. The fact that people still want a sequel almost a decade since the 4th game is testament to its quality. I have high hopes for Rainbow Six Siege, which looks like of like this game but with more explosions and less regard for human life. Actually... that sounds pretty awesome.

But until then, there's this game. Play as a cop who has to make life-and-death decisions in a fraction of a second. It's possible to complete missions without any casualties, but will you be man enough to make the tough choices with a gun sticking in your face?...

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● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.

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SWAT 4 is my favorite "wander around the level for twenty minutes looking for the one dropped gun you haven't picked up/the one dead body you haven't radioed in yet" simulator

Author — Tutwxter


Now that's a classic. I remeber toying in SWAT 4 editor for hours. Making a level where bunch of terrorists are being held hostage by girls and old ladies with AKs :).

Author — BenkethePirate


Swat 4 is now available for $0..Buy it now at the piratebay

Author — Branden Garcia


I am happy to announce that as of today, January 24th 2017, GOG now officially sells SWAT 4 for 10 USD! You can now purchase a legitimate, DRM free copy of SWAT 4!

Author — Darth Revan


Can you do a playthrough of Monkey Math School Sunshine? I'm stuck on level 4 of Bubble Math so if you don't make a video within the week I'm going to bomb my orphanage. Thanks!

Author — Carson Alexander


i pepper sprayed his mom for 1 minute straight

Author — pizzer


I fucking love SWAT. Great series and I wish they would make another. But the way the modern shooters are going I think it should be left alone.

Author — fossilfern


Wish there was a way to get this game for less than my kidneys

Author — frinsby


My local gamestop literally has 2 copies of SWAT 4.

Author — fukin savage


Phillip plz stop reviewing my favourite games the nostalgia is killing me D:

Also seriously, I had no idea my retail copy of SWAT 4 was worth that much. Too bad I'd sooner sell my vital organs than my precious SWAT 4.

Author — nickflig


Played the crap out of this game when it was first released...ah yes the good old early-mid teen games.. Those were the days.

Author — Plague Doc


Man, I'm glad someone gave this game some love years later, SWAT 4 has pretty much faded into obscurity and it's only because you can't buy it digitally, if you could buy this game digitally I feel like more people would be buying it and playing it.

Author — sobekflakmonkey


Holy shit, i didn't think anyone else played this...
I remember the graphics being nigh-flawless and i can see my mistake now. I used to compare modern games and say "Well, SWAT 4 has better graphics".

Author — Ellie Johnson


I learned that you can go through levels and not lose points using lethal weapons. It's through using the weapons in self defense.

Author — LowResGamr


Man I remember, this was the first game I played online. I got my internet the first day. And after no lifeing the single player of the game, I ended up jumping on the game online. I was probably hooked on it for about 3-4 years straight man. This game is still the shit!

Author — Dark47Killer


Man, I miss this game so much :( This is one of my favorite FPS's of all time, my cousin gave me S.W.A.T 4 and UT2004 when I was 9 years old. I bought Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam, but well... SWAT 4 is nowhere to be found anymore. I'll ask my cousin to borrow his copy again.

Author — Pacheko


"One time I didn't even find him."

Author — [RS] mineturte83


I treasure my SWAT 4 copy dearly, i have played swat 4 so many times.... and the multiplayer is just amazing imo, good game to this day

Author — Grandmaster Kush


SWAT 4 is also one of my favorite games, I've played it through multiple LAN parties over the years. I agree with you the multiplayer isn't any good UNLESS you get a full match of VIP escort going. My fondest memories of SWAT 4 actually come from the multiplayer beta release, I experienced some of the best multiplayer matches during that time complete with entire servers of random people all with microphones trying to role play seriously through the entire game. I can still remember peeking my head around a corner only for a stinger to roll out near my entire team which was stacked up behind me - everyone started shouting and bullets where flying everywhere.

I wish the multiplayer on these old games didn't die out so fast.

Author — Wizardmom


my dad was the 87 best player when this was as most popular (2005)

Author — Grim Reaper