People Are Saying: Sean Hannity is a Serial Killer | April 18, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

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People Are Saying: Sean Hannity is a Serial Killer | April 18, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS 4.5

The week of bombshell Sean Hannity reveals is about to get even bigger: we've got a very real scoop that is Very Real™.

**The Very Real trademark has nothing to do with any sort of reality or fact.

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Sean Hannity, to the best of my knowledge, has never denied that he is a serial killer.

Author — Ian McGarrett


"I did not.... have a legal relation.. with that ... lawyer" Says Sean Hannity

Author — NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia


Sean ‘Two Sheds’ Hannity!
(sounds like a Monty Python sketch)

Author — Zaphod Beeblebrox


"Michael Cohen isn't a criminal lawyer. He's a CRIMINAL lawyer." -Jesse Pinkman

Author — John Smith


I've become such a huge fan of Samantha B. This was a masterpiece

Author — Random Entertainment


I love how Hannity insists there's no "there there" yet he insists of documents seized pertaining to him remain sealed and insists on keeping attorney-client privilege for an attorney he insists isn't his attorney...

Author — Taylor Craig Newbold


He literally said: "My questions exclusively almost focused on real estate." Almost??!!

Author — MsZephyra


Judging from his apparent weight gain, I would say Hannity is more of a cereal killer than a serial killer.

Author — Guzeebo


Hannity just talked to Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, about "real estate". A nice quiet couple of acres where he can, you know, unload some. trouble. Bury the past. You know what I mean.

Author — Greg K


"...Exclusively almost..." What? Was it Exclusive or was it not Sean?

Author — Nguroa


Well, Sean Hannity has certainly "murdered  " the truth .

Author — William Eddy


I'm confused as to how Sean Hannity can say the things he does on a "news" broadcast and not be arrested or sued for slander or defamation. Seriously ... how does he get away with it?

Author — Sneaky Bunny


I'm waiting for hannity's on air declaration "I'm innocent, that sheep backed onto me ".
Did Cohen pay her off too, or have her over for dinner ?

Author — mine own


#SeanHannityBedWetter #SeanHannitySerialKiller

Author — HiSomebody TrackingMuch?


Jon Stewart once referred to Hannity as “ Lumpy” .He must’ve heard
that and started hitting the Dorito bags like there’s gold nuggets
at the bottom.

Author — aristotle736


wow, a whole wingnut bingo card filled from one hannity show.

Author — handyhippie65


I lost my mind at “future mysterious death.” It’s funny ‘cause it’s true

Author — Sephsat


Say it with me, people-- indict Sean MANATEE!!

Author — redcaddiedaddie


If Sean Hannity told me his name was, Sean Hannity, I wouldn't believe him.

Author — Sea Kelp


Criminologist Roy Hare's 3 characteristics held by all psychopaths: 1. bedwetting as a kid 2. exhibits cruelty to animals and 3. preoccupation with fire and setting them.

Author — Lynda Kelly