How The New Pings ACTUALLY Work

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

Riot games has just teased a new set of pings for League of Legends, I will show you how they actually work and not the PR way they want you to use it.
Or in Riot words: Reav3 covers new champions, VGUs, and ASUs. And Riot Phroxzon talks about our plans for Preseason. Plus a sneak peak at the updated Gothic thematic.
Enjoy :)

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If they want it to be easier to START jungling, then it needs to be in the tutorial. Bots still play 2 top 1 mid 2 bot and that hasn’t been meta since before Season 1.

Author — Dennis


F for those who like me googled about the new pings and ended up with this

Author — CaioTN1


Came here for see what this new ping system I heard about is about. Getting trolled on and off the rift lol

Author — Jukuren


So how do i make sure i have ? ping ready to spam

Author — Johnthetechguy


I have hit a new low: I am doing reacts now.... send help!

Author — Flip


they think they making game better but if they only listen for comunity

Author — Karlo Youtube


They just showed Wukong beat Renekton and get spam pinged “?” because theres no way to give someone a congratulatory ping except to do that.

Their solution: More pings that don’t address the situation. If they teach you how to play the game, freeze, push, harass, engage works really well. Emotes work well if you can see the person doing it but the upper left hand corner is too out of the way.

TL;DR: People will still spam ping “?” to celebrate and go harass people when they do something shitty.

Author — Dennis