Canada: Trains through Black Canyon - British Columbia

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My last full day in Canada before heading back to Australia via the USA, I visited what happened to become my favorite railfan location in Canada. Black Canyon in British Columbia, just south of Ashcroft.

Standing on the cliff, you can see trains for a significant distance coming from Ashcroft.

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This brings back great memories of working for CN as a signal maintainer and gang foreman. I walked every mile of that track and climbed every pole from Kamloops to Vancouver in the mid 80's. Black Canyon has to be one of the hottest places in Canada. We recorded temperatures over 45C beside the tracks on a July day.Beautiful country other than the extreme heat and the rattlesnakes (we were provided snake bite kits). Thank you for the video!

Author — Phil Neathway


Wow! It’s breathtaking view. These are the best and thrilling tracks that I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing this video

Author — wanbormi jat


Muito bom apreciar essa linda paisagem, além da ferrovia que é uma obra fantástica da engenharia!

Author — Mordecha Oliveira


This is most spectacular train video and location I have ever seen. thank you so much for posting this for everyone to enjoy!

Author — M21


Wow, an incredible feat of engineering!

Author — Wilma Flintstone


Я восхищена ! На что способен человек? Спасибо авторам таких видео - монументальные кадры.

Author — vera rindina


From Australia too and managed to get to here also. Just magic. Doesn’t matter where you come from if you are into trains don’t miss this place!

Author — Richard K


Wow!!! I never saw anything like this! Longest trains ever❤️❤️❤️

Author — Timeless Fluid Art by jenise Brown


A very beautiful Video.
Impressive Landscape.

I have never seen a train with so many freight cars.

Impossible in my country :)
The rail traffic would collapse :))

I subscribed you.
Greetings from Switzerland.

Author — Gabi M


Awesome video. Thank you for making and sharing. Certainly gives a whole other perspective to Canadian rail transport. I find myself wondering how long of a hike to reach your viewpoint!

Author — Gail Weeks


It's no end and keep on coming!...Amazing!!. Thanx. for this clip.

Author — Kumar Thiru


I was impressed by the magnificent scenery. I pay great respect to your efforts to reach the best shooting point.

Author — 1890 atrs


This video has it all - two busy main lines, steep cliffs, river, bridge, tunnels. What more is there! Thank you for sharing.

Author — tom


É incrível muito louco e fantástico parabéns pro Canadá!

Author — Rakel Abreu


Many thanks for this video! From the viewpoint of a UK enthusiast the train lengths are late Grandfather worked for CP in Southampton Docks over 50 years ago and the trains in his photos he got from CP in Canada for me were still very long indeed! Mid train and rear end helpers...are these locos remotely controlled by radio or via cable connections through the entire train? Finally, how long did it take to climb to your viewpoint? Thanks for a superb video. Best wishes, Rob.

Author — Rob Mannion


What will always impress me is that each and every RR car must be strong enough to pull all that are behind! That is some technology, IMHO! Thanks for a great video!!!

Author — Hans Quennet


Q lindo!!!!acho fantástico as locomotivas

Author — Cleusa Maria


Parabéns pelo vídeo, uma das melhores filmagens

Author — jose young


In 1980 when I was on training in Canada with CP Rail, I passed in this area in freight train.Very beautiful sceneries with forest can be witnessed.

Author — Nabi Bakhsh


outstanding train video, long ones. countryside looks good too. Looks like two busy tracks. Thanks for an outstanding download. (Mississippi Gulf Coast USA).

Author — John Moore