The Destruction of Daraa (Part 1)

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The Destruction of Daraa (Part 1) 4

In March 2011, Syrian citizens began protesting oppressive government rule in the city of Daraa. Assadi government troops fired on the protesters, resulting in the beginning of the war in Syria.

Three years later, rebels are still in a deadlocked civil war with President Bashar al Assad and his sympathizers that continues to rip the country apart.

VICE went to Daraa to see out where the revolution started, where it continues, and where the loss to the people of Syria can be seen on every bombed-out street corner.

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85% of Syrians voted for Assad in the recent elections. Is Vice going to address that? Seems like there's more to the story than rebels vs."oppressive regime"....

Author — jdailey01230


there are rotting corpses lying around this city, and all these soldiers or rebels talk about is their mosque being destroyed....bury the dead first, get your priorities straight, respect life and honor the dead, then rebuild your city and your mosque.

Author — Lorrie M🐚


Can someone explain all of this to me. Why do people think VICE is spreading propaganda?

Author — Cosmos


VICE is nothing but PROPAGANDA of the worst kind, targeting the young aged people, who don't care about politics that much...
They throw some cool documentaries about drugs, and gangs, and cool subjects in general, in order to attract subscribers, and BOOM, propaganda in your face.

Author — tmilatos


Complaining about the army bombed a Mosque, while they are blowing up Mosques, Churches, Shrines and other holy places.

Author — Meh Gusta


Is that the kid that got hit by the Train from (Stand By Me) in the thumbnail?

Author — Margin Walker


We in the west need to stay out of it and let them fight it out on their own, it's not our concern

Author — SisterSunshineTV


In Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan they are the bad guys BUT in Syria they are the good guys???

Give your head a shake Vice.

Author — PAINFULL9412


Everyone watching this should keep in mind that VICE, by its nature, only adopts the viewpoint of anarchists, all around the world. In this particular case, those are terrorists who happen to find a place to voice their ideas.

Author — XYGamer


57 seconds in and i figured out VICE is Zionist sponsored.. wheres my cookie!? 😆

Author — A S


I'm not feeling sympathy for these "rebels." Just remember, these are the rebels that used chemical weapons on civilians and committed even more atrocities than bashar's regime. Bashar isn't the best, but having these rebels take over would be an absolute disaster.

Author — Discarded Potato Chip


I really don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore

Author — dzulsffril


Hard to believe what was told in this video, well, besides the visible destruction. The minute that guy started to talk about revolution this, revolution that, "documentary" turned into a propaganda clip. This guy talked about "evil Iranians", but said nothing about Wahhabi terrorists. He talked about "Assad's evil regime", yet didn't talk about Saudis pouring money and weapons in hands of terrorists. He didn't even mention anything about how they are getting supplies and intel from CIA.

Author — jitterball


0:18 he said "Allah Subhana wa Taala", which was not translated in the Video, please be consistent Vice, things like that inspires people's distrust.

Author — Agent0x0x0x0


Waaaay too graphic of a thumbnail like come on

Author — Tetniss


They lost the war, some already reconciled with the government and the others went to Idlib. They need to surrender now, there's no point continuing this fight.

Author — Richie Rich


Too many repititions... saying that the mosque was a symbol of the revolution twice woulda been more than enough, really hard to watch this way

Author — Peter Spalthoff


thx vice for showing us what our gov't dont thanks.

Author — eljuancho2


While I would agree that Vice takes a very pro-Western bias, what I like about it is that they actually embed journalists with the fighters on the ground. This is NOT something you'd see any other mainstream news source which take the statements of our government as absolute unquestioned truth.

Author — SomeGuy


at 7:40 this guy isn't syrian, he is Palestinian or from Jordan, his accent is not a Syrian 

Author — fastEAGM