Ukraine crash in Iran: video reportedly shows plane’s impact and aftermath

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Ukraine crash in Iran: video reportedly shows plane’s impact and aftermath 4.5

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Video footage provided by the Iranian media outlet RaaviOnline reportedly shows the moment a Ukrainian airliner crashed Iran’s capital Tehran. The images include what was described as surveillance camera footage from a street where the plane came down shortly after take-off, as well as images of the airliner losing altitude and wreckage after the January 8, 2020, disaster.

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Really sad for the victims and their families

Author — mochisoph


RIP... Its scare me to imagine of people knowing they about to die. Sad. RIP 😢

Author — Peluang Ke-2


Rest in Peace for the Victims. This is so heartbreaking..

Author — Kaye Bueno


A war hasn't even started and more than a hundred people already lost their lives from this conflict.

Author — PhantasyJL


That has to be a missile hit. The plane was on fire mid air and i don't believe it caught fire due to 'technical difficulties' right after take off.

Author — Dedly


A person is being thrown by the impact and explosion.

Author — Blue_Ocean


That crash was really hard to watch knowing there were people in there while it disintegrated on impact with the ground.

Author — Paul Imisi


And just like that.. murdered. The Iran government needs to pay.

Author — wowzer


Imagine how scary for people inside the plane

Author — Konig


Painfully horrifying to witness it.
Iran needs to come cleanly on this.
May the victims rest in peace.
Deepest sympathies to their loved ones and families.

Author — Simone de B.


May you all Rest in Peace 🙏
this is so sad 😭💔

Author — East Culture Hopper


i was in flight in ryanair it was about 10:30 in the morning after takeoff the plane was shaking i was so scared but hopefully the plane maked a turned and maked a emergency landing i dont know what hanppened in our flight and now i am scared to go trip with plane

Author — TSITER YT


Whoever fired that missile probably already killed by Iran.

Author — G Sai


This is one of the scariest things I've ever seen, rest in peace to all the innocent people that died in tragedy

Author — Harry Huang


Iran has now admitted they shot down the mistake

Author — Christine Fougere


How can you dare to think a slow big plane taking off from public airport is a threat. I dont know the truth behind but these poor people in the plane.

Author — walsertaler


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un, Deep condelences for the victims and their families....May Allah SWT accept their soul

Author — anang bp


Yup is iran soldier shot the plane down.

Author — turtle g


Wow it looks like they recorded some dead bodies

Author — Mr Ace Gaming and ASMR videos


May new beloved sanctions come for Russia and Iran from the great country of the USA

Author — Я в инете