What If All Trees Were Cut Down?

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What If All Trees Were Cut Down? 5

Deforestation is happening all around the world. Approximately 15 billion trees are cut down every single year. Despite some forest getting replanted, if we keep going at this rate, we'll have no trees in about 200 years. But what if that were to happen right... now. What would happen to our air quality? What would happen to animals? And do trees hold the key to our food supply?

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Short answer: we’re all gonna die
Long answer: we’re seriously all gonna die

Author — Fortress22


What if my crush had a crush on me?

Well that sounds like a story for another What if

Author — Vegeta The Saiyan Prince


Beginning: we all going to die.

Middle: maybe live

End: nope we're going to die

Author — Cesar Echeverria


I wouldn’t even have the heart to trim down a tree 🌲

Author — donnie reiter


Short answer: We're all gonna die
Long answer: We and Earth will die

Author — Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vouestarla


*What if all trees were cut down*

me : how would I eat mangoes in summer 😭😭

Author — Karan Sinha


What If: What if all the tree's were cut down?

Mr.Beast: Are you challenging me?

Author — Dumpler


Where would we live without gravity:

In our space ships duh..

Author — Enzo Seven


When the last tree is cut down, they'll come to know that they can't eat money.

Author — M-CPBA


Let us take a moment to appreciate the existence of trees

Author — Manasa P


Who else got emotional when thinking about how the Earth would looks like without trees? 😭

Author — TY YT TRACK!


other people: we're all gonna die
me: please think positive
other people: im positive we're all gonna die

Author — Thyza kun


Wood: Im dying someone save me!
(wood dies)
Plastic: Allow me to introduce to everyone.

Author — NoobTuber90


Me: Stop Cutting Trees

Me: Reason For Factory Buildings Existing: Money

Author — Scientific Matthew


lesson learned: hold on to your wood...

...it will be valuable one day...

Author — Ayesha Mairaj


Me: What if all tree's were cut down?🤨🤔

Fat guy: u will end up growing fat because there will be no vegetables.😋

Author — maria gomes


"Why is everyone saying a quote and writing -me 2019 at the bottom. Is this a new trend?"
-me 2019

Author — New Here


What if: What if makes a 2019 video where we don't die?

Author — Paul Gurango


I wish more people would actually take this matter seriously.

Author — Mr. McQueen


"Most important thing is continuning watch what if"
How this will happen if all trees cut down

Author — Wikum Madushan