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You're a BSA or Triumph ???
The T65 was an order from the distributors of BSA (which might not work) and Triunfo was approved but with BSA logos!.
Most were for an order from the police in Australia and over Spain.
Equal to Harley, who despite their mechanical conservatives have achieved victory in time, have a strong personality becoming a real cult object.
The reason for this project is because a friend (BSA Collector), which has four in his garage! but was dismantled and in a deplorable state.
Is said to represent the best of two cylinders made ​​in England and its engine is like a sculpture.
I've always loved the British bikes and I wanted to restore it.
Thank you for watching!!

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Una Triumph vestida de BSA???.
Las T 65 fue un pedido de los distribuidores de BSA (que ya no podía servir) y que se pasó a Triumph, pero con los logos de BSA!!.
La mayor parte fueron para un pedido de la policía Australiana y unas cuantas a España ya que entonces todavía no se podían importar motos Japonesas.
A las Triumph les ocurre lo mismo que a las Harley, que pese a su mecánica conservadora, han conseguido con el tiempo, tener una fuerte personalidad pasando a ser unos objetos de culto. La razón de este proyecto es culpa de un amigo (fan de las BSA) que tenía ¡cuatro en su garaje! y esta desmontada.
Se dice, que estas bicilíndricas representan lo mejor que hicieron los ingleses y que su motor es como una escultura.
Siempre me gustaron mucho las motos Inglesas y me apetecía mucho poderla restaurar.
Gracias por tu visita.

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This motorcycle is absolutely beautiful and your choice of music is perfect. Your video presentation is professional. You should be very proud of what you do.

Автор — David Lynn


The T65 is a rarity because of the situation of BSA in 1972
Of course that is manufactured in Meriden and is another cause of tensions with BSA.
Some features of the T65 were
Front brake drum 8 inches, badges BSA alternator inspection plate and cover plate distribuicion fully polished without Patents Smiths chronometric speedo was in KMH

Автор — Loscar Motorcycles


A brilliant restoration, especially with a Beezer badge !

Автор — David Higham


A wonderful restoration of an unusual bike built during a very difficult time. This bike had been very badly neglected, by the look of the contents of the crank cases and the gauze filter in the oil tank. This images give me bad dreams! The paint is also beautifully done. A joy to see it complete and in the condition that it should be.

Автор — Graeme Hay


Is it my imagination or are there two bikes being restored in this video, a BSA and aTriumph?🤔🤔

Автор — fw1421


Wow what a beautiful bike, and your restoration work is incredible!

Автор — Christopher Lantesh


This is a stunning rebuild. It's an inspiration for my current rebuild. Well done Sir.

Автор — Andrew Ritchie


Amazing patience, precision and attention to detail. Great work on this restore. Amazing bike. Thanks for sharing.

Автор — Tupinambis.X


Es vd. un Maestro, ojalá yo tuviera la mitad d conocimientos que vd. tiene. (Se lo dice un ''feliz'' propietario d una BSA A 10 ) 59ClubSpain

Автор — Jm Cat


Hahaha ...nice one...“T65“. Great Work! To all you „Experts“: This is not a BSA engine - it‘s a Triumph T140, but some BSA Parts - hence the „T65“. Cheers!

Автор — David Hofmann


Isn’t that a Triumph? The 1972 Thunderbolts in the USA were extremely rare and had an A65 engine. Their tanks and side panels were a light metallic brown. What you have there was sold as a Triumph Tiger with the Euro gas tank. I knew you are a master at your craft and your restorations are incredible!

Автор — richard casey


What pig owned that beautiful machine and allowed it to fall into such tragic disrepair, thank God for this guy Loscar taking it on and bringing it back..

Автор — Rotax 636nut


Sir, your work takes my breath away. Bravo!

Автор — Scotty G


Gosh, that truly is beautiful. I like that even better than the BSA Lightning. Wow, it is as if you built an entire beautiful bike right from scratch as you basically had to renew every part of the motorcycle.

Автор — ironcast


top bike, video don't care what it is just wish it was mine.

Автор — Timothy Lee


A lovely restoration of a very rare machine indeed, (I'd never heard of them) regardless of the badge engineering. in fact that is exactly why it needed saving and what sets it apart from being just another Triumph.

Автор — jiggermast


If it's got a timing side ball bearing, that makes it a Triumph.

Автор — Jeff Gibson


I have the Triumph T65 version, your exhaust barrels arent the right ones by the way. still, lovely T65.

Автор — Anthony Hinds


OMG! Usted, señor, es un héroe!
In English: Are those the original exhaust pipes? No balance pipe and with the short, US, silencers/mufflers?
It is fascinating to see a "BSA" with the 71/72 conical rear wheel hub and a 69/70 TLS brake on the front wheel.
The BSA Group certainly had the world at its feet but somehow managed to bankrupt itself. Maybe, the proceeds of 100-odd years of successful, profitable production finally made them feel invincible and caused them to lose the plot. Unfortunately, BSA's downfall took many, many smaller companies with it.
Of course, Triumph struggled on for another ten years before succumbing to the inevitable.

Автор — roger that


Absolutely stunning restoration. However, isn't that bike a Triumph with a BSA gas tank?

Автор — azul8811