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Armored Warfare - Worth Playing? 4.5

Armored Warfare is a free to play game based on recent and modern-day tanks and armored vehicles. Take part in pvp battles or chill out with friends in pve co-op missions, all while playing your favourite main battle tanks, light tanks and AFV's. This review is based on the game as of March 2018.

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That alone makes it better than WOT

Author — Safety Doggo


Been playing it on and off for a couple of years now (PVE only) and here's a short-ish list of what I like about it.

1: PvE missions. Not just drive and shoot but a job that has to be done and you'll have to do more that just kill stuff to make it.
2: Premiumtime. You get/buy premiumtime and you choose when to activate it.
3: Diversity of vehicles. Not just tanks but armored cars, wheeled TDs, AT-missiles and low calibre auto-cannons.
4: Loot. You can get alot of good stuff just from playing the game. Heck, you get stuff just for logging in once a day!
5: Test drive. All vehicles in the tech-tree can be testdriven on a special test-track, even the premiums.
6: No nations. Vehicles are sold by weapon-dealers so any nation can apear. (South-African TD anyone?)
7. No arty. Yes, you can play arty in PvE but you can never face it on the battlefield. Anywhere.
8: Faster game. Everything moves faster and you never feel "Uhhh, now I have to go over there!" These tanks can shift!
9: In PvE you get to see what map/mission is coming before you queue up.

Premiumtanks are a bit expensive and they often reskin them and sell them again but you don't need many to have fun anyway.

Over all I do like this game and the only problem right now is there is not enough people playing it so queuetime can be a bit long sometimes.

Going to play some tonight. Hope to see you in PvE-game.

Good luck/ "Hanse"

Author — Hans Hedén


Wondering why they are now paying YT streamers to showcase their game? Well here is why:

They had a six month long storyline campaign with episodes and arcs and stuff and it was grindy but the reward was a unique t9 premium that "would never be sold or be available again." Six months of grinding. But it was worth it, right?

Then in the last episode, while we are desperately finishing the grind for our rare t9 premium, they started handing out t10 premiums for a two week grind. Yes, t10. As in, jump right into end game. Without a grind like we had and without having to learn the game.

And then, a couple of months after that, what should pop up in the store? Yep, you guessed it, our unique t9 premium, along with that rare t10 premium, and other t10 premiums. For cash on the barrelhead.

Needless to say, we all quit. And now nobody is playing. And that's why they have to pay Mark to make this video, because they were stupid and greedy and they need new suckers to spend money on their game now.

Author — Harbinger Zero


AW, I love this game.
RNG at 10%.
No premium ammo.
No Arty (only on PvE).
PvE (bots are much more challenging than standard wot players).
No possible to move crew to other tanks (new tier 10? Don't use gold to put the super crew, no P2W).
Smoke granades.
Daily bonuses and missions for crates.
Maps are more big (tanks are faster).
Tank do what you want, very accurate.
Statistics are PRIVATE, you decide if share with friends, with no one or make them public. NO XVM, no Wn8.
Bonus for keeping tanks.

See you on the battlefield!
(yes, I play wot too, cause the population, clan... But AW is much better!).

Author — Rod Sernesi


This game has been dead for a long, long time. A shame too because it had some potential early on.

Author — Richard Southam


I like it because - No prem ammo, have to think about what ammo to use, no paying for garage slots (buy the vehicle and it goes into the garage), pve mode, very seldom lose money on a battle. It does have problems - development has been slow, low player base ( even smaller on NA), wonder if the devs play there own game (if they did some issues might be improved), also wonder if they read the forum posts (would take a lot of time as their are a lot a posts). I have over 10k pve matches in the 2 years playing.

Author — WarNock07


Haven’t played for 18 months and played a few battles last week...hmm it’s ok but queue time is a massive massive issue. Nobody is on!!!

Author — Matthew Williams


Might give it a go, thinking about it for a while. Sick and tired of WoT, RNG, its idiotic MM, gold spams, 3 artilleries while I'm bottom tier 80-90% of times... No fun playing when you can't pen half the enemy team and they pretty much all can kill you in one or two shots.
Having teams less that 15vs15 is not maybe a bad thing. In WoT, I usually end up alone against 10 or so enemies in less than 5min. If battle is 5vs5, your odds are better (in other words: the worst you can get is 4 team mates so incompetent that they couldn't find porn on the internet instead of 14 teammates of same incompetence).

Author — Ivan Stepanovic


I actually preferred this to WoT, except WoT has a sever in my end of the world, whereas last I played AW, the ping sat at 560. Still carried tho

Author — Darth Cirls


AW must be having a push! Claus has also done a video about

Author — Widey xyz


I wish i could actually still like the game.
I bought into the Warlord-Preorder, and spend WAY too much money on it after it released in alpha etc.
Never really played the PVP-Part that has been pretty much dead for QUITE some time, even before Mycom kicked out Obsidian, BUT i actually quite liked the PVE because whilst repetetive it was quite fun and a nice thing to chill with.
Now, some might ask why i use past tense if I like the PVE, after all, artillery has been removed from the vehicle-pool the Bots can use.
Quite easy. Ever since mycom listened to a part of the playerbase, and I have no clue WHO would ask for such a thing, they gave bots the ability to fire ATGMS. At first this doesnt seem SO bad, but when you realize that bots literally ALWAYS hit you, and if you take into account that bots have 150% (yes, you read that correctly) the penetration-value of non-bot vehicles with all ammotypes, you see why this might be a problem.
BUT the problem is not only that those Bot-fired ATGMs are able to crack most heavily armored MBTS (except the Challenger because the Challenger is a beast) it's that those same ATGMS just annihilate lighter vehicle classes. And with annihiliate I mean Tier 6 bot-swingfires deal 1500+ damage in both missiles combined, resulting in the sudden realization that you vehicle is now either destroyed or very much a oneshot for any other bot on the field.

And that's before I start making fun of mycoms handling of premium vehicles (Obsidian: "This is a reward vehicle for a certain mission, will never be on sale!" ; Mycom: "HERE HAVE IS-7 FOR 10 BUCKS!"), the lack of additional techtree-vehicles (and some of the weird decisions of how to actually unlock their newest techtree) and their GODAWEFUL managing of events.

Would you believe me if I'd tell you they decided to sell tier 10 premiums now? Would you be even more surprised if I'd tell you that you can ONLY get those vehicles via a Loot-crate system, that has a 7.5% chance to drop either a tank OR a commander. Would you be shocked to hear that those 7.5% are virtually stuffed full of lower tier premium vehicles and commanders to further down the chance of you getting that tank? And I havent been to the best part where they flatout FORGOT to put the first Tier 10 premium that those boxes should include INTO the loot-list of said boxes so people couldn't get it?
So they had to stop the sale of said boxes.
Just to start selling them 2 days later again... WITH THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM?!

So yeah, not a fan of the game anymore, if ya believe it or not :/

Author — The_Aimless


I've played the game for more than two years now, even bought some premium tanks and earned others through missions.
However there were two major updates which made it too much for me. First I lost all progress on some tanks and lots of credits on retrofits and other stuff I bought and recently (Caribbean update) all commanders skills being "reworked" and again lost a lot of credits on the retrofits since they decided to "re-balance" the game again. Shortly you get "cleaned up" every year or so and you have to start from scratch with every tank you own (the developers say it is still beta test).
On the positive side: much less RNG than in WoT, no premium "miracle" ammo, PvE which helps at not playing a stock tank in PvP against fully upgraded tanks at same tier, a bunch of different classes of armored vehicles which are very nice for their roles and much less toxic community, daily missions which rewards you with all king of goodies..
On the negative side: cost of unlocking and purchase of all upgrades and retrofits for one tank is higher than the cost of purchase for that tank and it gets more painful each tier you progress (a way of forcing you to buy premium and gold I suppose), low population on server which can make even PvE mode unplayable at times during daytime, it gets better in the evening (at least on EU), they never got it on how to show you the progress you do on events on their garage UI (this is an issue from day one which has not been addressed since and for me speaks on how low the community voice represents stands the developers).
Bottom line i only play it occasionally when I have time and I want to chill out a bit, like most players I suppose hence the reduced player base, but more often than not I only login, start a mission, wait two minutes in the queue, don't get matched for a team (regardless the tier), get bored and logout.

Author — George Abel


I like playing AW its unique amonge other tank games of the kind. I enjoy the story mode though it would be awsome if you could start the story from the very first mission to the very current ones, that would be one heck of a good time! And i also love that there isnt a limit of how many garage spaces there are which means i can keep all my tanks and play them in my own time plus the fact you can test drive every tank in the dealers! Btw did anyone else randomly get a tier 5 ATGM premium TD?

Author — Blue Foxy


I like Armored Warfare better than that other more popular tank game that everyone always talks about.

Author — DrRocketman 779


Basically war thunder and world of tank slapped together.

Author — Minghui Wu


Been playing it since they started it up and have enjoyed it. Glad to see it get some love. I play PVE - as you say, very relaxing playstyle and a nice change of pace from the WoT pubs.

Author — Hrafnkell Haraldsson


This has been sitting in my library for ever. Downloading··· Thanks.

Author — Quiet Dignity and Grace


I miss this game from when it was in closed beta and on release, it was still being developed by obsidian at the time and it was fantastic. Unfortunately got rid of obsidian and the game just went downhill from there. It's a bit of fun here and there but it's nothing like it was back in the day which is a real shame.

Side note: artillery used to pvp and it was actually fun! yes, you heard me right, artillery was fun to play against. How? well instead of firing a single huge derp shell which demolished you, it fired relatively quickly with low damage and every time they shot they were instantly spotted making them easy picking for enemy artillery. Artillery was always at risk of getting killed, not like in WOT. Not sure why they changed it, I left after obsidian did and the game went downhill like I mentioned.

Author — Schmiddy


I still play it but it is normally to take a break from wot whenever i start to get frustrated there. I just load up aw and play pve. Luckily you werent trying pvp on the na server because that is also quite empty, as in skirmishes are hard to find.

Author — deathman254


Great review Mark! I really appreciate that you were honest and accurate even though sponsored the vid. I've been playing for 2 years I think, and I still enjoy it. Some things I'd like to mention if I may. The EU servers still have some PVP and Global Ops matches but I haven't been able to play either of those modes on the NA server for months now. Sadly, getting XP for your vehicle progression and officer rank/skill advancement is expensive enough to make it a real grind when you are only able to get PvE matches. I really love Global Ops and I don't think any other game has that....if you can get into a match. They make no provisions for an account to be switched between NA and EU servers so, if you want PvP, better start an account on the EU servers. Since the game has a population problem, premiums and purchaseables are more expensive than they should be IMHO.
I prefer AW to WoT because it's less like a game and more like a sim. WoT seems too "gamey" to me sometimes. With a bit of graphics improvement (minor btw) I think this will look and play better than WoT. Again, just my opinion. Despite the low pop and other problems though, this is still a great game. You can comfortably FTP your way up to T5 or 6 but thereafter, you'll need to spend a little money or a LOT of time on advancement. Anyway, I really like it and your review. Hope to c ya on the battlefield.

Author — cy2087