The Truth About What Facebook Really Does With Your Data

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The Truth About What Facebook Really Does With Your Data 5


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Author — Thoughty2


*"If you can describe your life with one sheet of paper, then you need to turn a new page"* -- Thoughty2

Author — Ashif Ali


"If a service is free, you're the product" - Well, watching your vids is free and you just demonstrated your own quote with this sponsorship.
You're selling us to NordVPN.
I really am the product here.

Author — Jimmy Heymann


Your videos are great. You don't need clickbait thumbnails.

Author — HoopsAndDinoMan


Me: *phones friend* oh man I really need weed.
Fb: there are 10 drug dealers within 3 miles.
Me: hol up

Author — Owen Skipsey


I don’t use Facebook anymore and thought I deleted my account permanently. But you can never permanently delete your account. If you try to log in to a site and it tells you to log in with FB, it will automatically reactivate the account you thought you deleted.

Zuckerberg is a douchebag.

Author — Kevin Lew


I still have never had a Facebook account.

Author — Dsdcain


When I moved into an apartment on the Jersey Shore, Facebook put my landlord on my recommended friends. We had no friends in common, and had only communicated in a craigslist email and in person. Creepy AF

Author — Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers


Log in with Facebook. FB is a virus and society is the host.

Author — Age of Reason


Actually facebook doesn't necessarily need to record your voice.
There's a particular technique used also by some samsung smart tv. It consists on a speach recogniser that runs in background.
When a certain word is detected, the program can send a paket to a remote server that cathalogs it and returns a particular tag. That tag is used to trigger a particular ad unit.
For example: you talk about your friend and at a certain point you say the word: "want to + sunglasses + where + best + price". And voila ads on the nearby store where you can find beautyful sunglasses.
The creepy fact is that the hardware power needed to trigger this mechanism is almost null.

Author — L Diop


this video has only just over 200k views, much less than his other that's not suspicious at all.

Author — Impulsegt1


My reading teacher has thought me this many times. They store and sell your data. How else would they make BILLIONS of dollars?
And don’t think that this is illegal, because you agreed to it in their terms of service (but let’s be honest who the heck reads the terms of service, but if you DO choose to read it, it will say that “We will track websites you visit”). And ever wonder why they want you to be 13+? Google, Facebook, Snapchat, etc? It’s because that’s the legal age someone can track your information. If you are 12 and want to make a google account, they WANT you to lie about your age. They WANT you to say you’re over 13, they WANT track your information when your actually 12. And they WANT to track you. You can block ad tracking in your settings, but it will slow down your device, as a punishment. You can ad a tracker blocker, but it will keep notifying you every 2 minutes, “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?”, as another punishment. It listens to your conversations, it tracks your geographical location, and it tracks what websites you visit.

Be cautious

Author — Altay’s Channel of Trash Content


They's a well known saying that i just made up "if a service is free, then you are the product" lmao 😂

Author — Blinking fate


Your videos are masterpieces, they really are, obviously a lot of care has been put into each of them and they are so very informative and thoughtful.

But I must say, the extent to which your thumbnails have become click bate is ridiculous, it's come to the point where the jarring red makes me look away from the link and the photos of busty scantily clad women does not serve the point of a video about how social media causes depression or why modern music sucks. They are less eye-catching too, because they're not even aesthetically pleasing.

Again, I really do love your videos and appreciate that you make them, you are better than this. This isn't an attempt at bashing you, It's just something I've noticed and I'm curious as to wether anyone else agrees with me.

Author — Filmflicker Cinema


Your tone is so serious, making all the jokes so on point. You could make Zuckerberg laugh :)

Author — Ray Lomas


You had me until you trying to sell me that VPN

Author — Etrigan


You say, "make a tin foil hat for my hamster" like it was a bad thing...

Author — Baruch Ben-David


"Stalker of the year award" LMAO!!!🤣 Comcast, Facebook, Google, Government agencies, etc. Everyone tracks you.

Author — Chris Hollingsworth


dont use a vpn if you want privacy, it wont work.... ask any hacker, it doesnt change you IP, it just masks it... use Tor or I2P or even better use parrot linux, tails OS, Whonix, Ipresia OS, Qubes OS or the like.

NordVPN Privacy Statement Sec.2: Personal data is processed by NordVPN automatically and manually. Unless
expressly noted otherwise, NordVPN or a designated subsidiary in your
country shall act as the responsible personal data controller for any
data processed. NordVPN uses third party data processors only for
processing of payment data, emailing service and basic website and app

Said information may also include:
Server load information. We monitor the server performance in order to recommend the most suitable servers to our customers.
Customer service information. stores inquiries and communications with users through the Contact Us and Community Area pages.
Cookies. uses a few types of different cookies to improve the user experience on the website, such as:
Google Analytics for statistical assessment and website performance improvement;
cookies to identify the customers referred to the Site by our partners,
so that we can grant the referrers with commissions;
Cookies for personalizing the content of the Site for users, such as setting the default language.

Due to technical reasons (such as backup copies of the databases) your
personal data may be finally deleted only within 60 days or longer, if
it is mandated by the statutory requirements.

NordVPN stores limited personal data for the whole period when the
NordVPN Services are used and for no longer than 2 years after last use
of the App and/or the Services.

fourty-two, you read their terms of service but not their privacy statement, bro your pedaling snake oil.

Author — Nefarious Pixel Blood


I really don't care about Facebook
I have it for 7 years now and I have only 3 posts

Author — Mad Titan