Nier Automata: NAIOM Mod Tutorial

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NAIOM lets you enjoy Nier Automata on PC with mouse and keyboard: True Raw Mouse Input, dedicated Evade key, Top/Side View crosshair, Advanced binding system, compatible with FAR mod, easy installation...

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Link to Methanhydrat other mods:

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I feel bad for how little views this mod has. It literally made one of the best games I've ever played, playable.

Author — guimblon


This is actually changing my game completely. i finished the first ending for Nier and I was dreading the hacking for the 9S route. This is amazing how well it works

Author — Tobias-Artur Negrui


This MOD has changed the entire game for me. I just got it on PC, and while I am loving it (I'm about 4 hours in), I definitely kept telling myself "Im going to have to get used to this" with regards to the controls and the way the mouse moves the screen etc. This mod has changed everything in less than 5 minutes! Holy cow, everything is SO much better. No wait, not better... actually enjoyable! Wow! Thank you for making this video explaining the MOD, and thank you to Methanhydrat for creating it! You guys have literally made what I consider the perfect game 1000 times more enjoyable.

Author — Matt


Just got this game on Steam after waiting for so long to get it on sale and I had no idea about how awful the K+M controls were :D
I tried to play with the controler but it's just not for me, I'm so used to K+M that a controler is weird to hold and I found myself focusing more on which button to press rather than playing :/
After some research on the community hub I found my way here and downloaded the mod, I followed the instructions and did a quick setup and OMG the gameplay just changed and it's wonderful :D I'll have to get used to some of the keys and the gameplay but at least I can enjoy the K+M like it should be !

Many thanks

Author — Zyad Apo


no wonder I was getting motion sick
I can finally enjoy this game T^T

Author — DarthPongo


I’m one of the few who actually like the default third person camera movement more than the fixed version (because of the more obvious jittering) so I tried setting the third person fix option to “fix disabled”. However when I load back into the game it continues to use the “no assist” camera movement
Mod developer answer:
"Hi there and thank you for the feedback. I have heard about this problem before and will keep it in mind for the next version. However, I am currently occupied with other things and it is difficult to say when I will have time to work on the mod again.
June 11, 2019 at 14:02"


Author — Vyachelsav Solodovnikov


Hey, friend! Thanks for your Mod NAIOM. Can you make a similar one for Cyberpunk 2077? If you have contacts of the author and or is friend of him. It has the exact same problem with dodging.

Author — Raymond Saint


the sens that you put in the NAIOM mod works as a multiplier of the dpi, right?

Author — LinkDarkar


This nier mod is insane actually makes the game enjoyable on kbm.

Author — Desolate Moon


I leave this comment to perhaps appease the algorithm gods so that more people may learn of this amazing mod, thank you.

Author — Yetiquatch


wow now i don't have to drag the mouse half way across the country to rotate the camera by 30degrees

Author — Nanda Gopal


This is a fukin godsend. I was contemplating plugging my Dualsense, but now I don´t have to. Thank you.

Author — Scarecr0wn


Would installing this affect playing with a controller negatively?

Author — Mu'izz Siddique


То что надо. Спасибо! Теперь в Nier можно играть. Ура!
Just right. Thank! Now I can play Nier. Hurrah!

Author — Kolya Miheev


great work mate, thanks for explanation!

Author — Іван Вікторович


If modder fixes hacking, then mod will become absolute 10 out of 10 and must have. Well, to be honest, it's already 10 out of 10 and must have.

Author — Maara Mori


Dude, this is awesome, thanks very much for the help.

Author — Jason


If they decide to release a game to a PC platform, Why the hell won't they do this properly in the first place, being Lazy or don't bother is like a goddamn trend these days

Author — NinJisoo


чел, ты просто бог, спасибо большое!

Author — Hikki


This mode saved me from refunding the game

Author — Prasad