Carson defends Trump's tweets about 'The Squad'

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Carson defends Trump's tweets about 'The Squad' 4.5
Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on President Trump’s tweets about “The Squad” and the recent decline in African-American homeownership.

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America is the Land of Opportunity and Rugged Individualism. Not the Land of Grievance and Juvenile Lawlessness.

Author — John Allen


Trump's tweets on the squad prove who really controls this country. America isn't run by Americans anymore

Author — Des Troya


Wow, I didn't catch the gentleman's name with the glasses, but he so nailed it when he mentioned that we need to get fathers back in the home. And God back in our country! Amen to that!

Author — Tracy Stanzione Rothwell


The President did not say minorities should leave, he said PEOPLE who hate America can leave anytime. That woman...gaaaa! Ben Carson is an admirable man and didn't fall into her trap.

Author — JustA Patriot


I respect them both but it's happening in the white communities as well... drugs are taking white mothers and fathers as well as black fathers and mothers.... we need to make life worth living and working for again...

Author — Ricky D


Doctor Carson, you are the voice of reason and we should all take heed.

Author — raul castro


Yes we need to develop new attitudes about the importance of families staying together.

Author — Vicky Hendricks


God bless you, Ben Carson and Jack Brewer. Keep up your good efforts. The Lord is glorified in your pursuits. Craig

Author — Craig Martin


Carson says it reminds him of 3rd grade. Exactly what I was thinking 🤔



God back in our children's lives ❤ Amen and Amen

Author — Kathie Padilla


Ben Carson is a true American success story. Many blessings to him and his family!

Author — cnordegren


Just happy that Ben Carson is no longer attempting to stab his relatives. You got to have pretty big balls to be a draft dodger and tell others to leave the country.

Author — Mach Speed


Thank You so much Jack Brewer for your insight in regard to families and home ownership. Please continue to share your message in regard to these issues. I had never heard you speak prior to this interview, you made some great points and were inspiring. God Bless.

Author — L. Hayden


"Homes are bought by FAMILIES!" Thank you Jack Brewer! Families need FATHERS! Thank you with all my heart for speaking the truth in love!

Author — Theresa Burgess


One has to listen to the excellent conclusions of one of this nation's smartest, most successful, most sensible individuals has to say.

Author — Dean Christos


I wish the other Republicans would fight back half as much President Trump instead of letting the dirty tactics of the Democrats continue.

Author — Ho Jo


I pray more caring honest people like Dr. Carson will serve in public office!! They are really about making a positive impact!!

Author — Carrie Proulx


I like what Jack Brewer said, well spoken and good point.

Author — Bill Watson


mr. Carson shut her down she thought she was being smart when she was actually being stupid because she wasn't allowing him to answer the question because she didn't understand common sense

Author — Lori Law


Looool I'm conservative but y'all a whole mess for digging Ben Carson out for this mess

Author — ss Ankm