Does Trump Understand How Elections Work?

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Does Trump Understand How Elections Work? 5

Bemoaning the tightening gubernatorial and senatorial races in Florida, the President says we should just go with whoever was ahead on election night.

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I'm both a Vietnam vet and a Non Resident and a Fl voter and I better have my absentee ballot counted. While bonespurs was spending daddy's money, I was in the jungle fighting for the right for everyone to vote.

Author — revdoc ken


You know what the worse part of the story of Trump's visit to the cemetery is? He claimed he wouldn't visit the tomb site of American soldiers in France because it was raining. And yet, the very 1st chance he has to play golf he did so, even though it was raining over that course. No joke, he actually managed to play golf in the rain yet can't even honor our troops under any condition except to use them as props on TV! David Pakman did a video on this I recommend checking out.

Author — Jesse Torres


At least Gator-with-Sunglasses has some progressive views on conserving the Everglades.

Author — Momon


Kind of surprised Trump missing out on the cemetary visit for the WW1 centennial got brushed over that quickly. I mean, this is literally a once in a lifetime moment and something that a President of the United States simply shouln't have missed for anything short of national emergencies ... abd apparently Trump is actually quite fine with a bit of rain when playing golf so really what's the excuse he's got? That's a monumental case of just not doing his bloody job and is disrespectful to the dead...

Author — Aotearas


So thats what Trump's 'happy' face looks like . Like he honestly looks happy to see Putin. I havent seen that face since....well i havent seen it at all until now.

Author — Young Becks


This is the President of the United States publicly calling for the votes of active service military personnel to be discounted.

Author — David Birch


Trump is so afraid of combat, that he refuses to go to a place where a war ended 100 years ago, because of light drizzle.

Author — TheReal008Zulu


To be is hilarious that the American President is that happy to see a Russian. I actually would be genuinely happy if it were not this American and this Russian. When these men smile people die.

Author — buttieboy666


Trump doesn't really understand how anything works. He is probably the most incurious, uninformed and incompetent person ever elected to public office.

Author — George Lux


Of course he doesn't know how elections work. He didn't even know how the role of President worked. He likely had the same understanding of the Office of the Presidency as most children do - that a President just sits in the Oval Office all day and orders people around. He had no grasp of the actual duties of the Presidency, and what he could and couldn't do. There were a number of rogue Twitter feeds from inside the White House that shared how angry and frustrated Trump was in his first few weeks in office because he'd want to do something, get told "No, you can't do that" by staffers, and Trump blowing up in response with "What do you mean I can't? I'm the fucking President!"

Author — Glenn Welsh


I'm not an AZ resident but I was there for 3 weeks before the election and not only is AZ usually a deep red state but the horrific propaganda that was being used to turn people against Kristen Sinema was the worst I've ever seen. If she won as a Dem in ARIZONA of all places with those ads running AND Trump visited the state in late October and held a rally, that says A LOT.

Author — marisdc


Nationalism is a betrayal of Patriotism

Author — Me me


trump is either too lazy or too stupid to figure out the way to fold an umbrella...why am i not surprised?why???

Author — Zel Zwrd


😂😂😂😂😂😂 that impersonation of Macron, Merkel and Trump about what they are thinking about Putin is everything.

Author — Beau33


Forget red vs blue. Fact vs fiction is all that matters in the end. It doesn't matter if you're conservative, progressive, or moderate....lies are lies. Even if you don't believe someone you admire is lying on purpose, when they seem to get the facts wrong damn near every day, you've got to come to the point where you realize taking their advice or agreeing with their opinions is probably a bad idea.

Author — Mark Rieck


I cannot wait for the day that Donnie finally realizes that Putin thinks of Donnie the way Donnie thinks of Chris Christie.

Author — New Message


Trump (private bonespurs) cannot post any pictures of his proud Father or Grandfather from world wars l or ll or any conflict. His Father did not serve in the armed services, and his Grandfather left Germany to escape national service. When he eventually tried to go back to Germany he was denied entry and had to remain in America. Such a proud heritage! No wonder he won’t salute those who fell for his freedom because he does not want to face the truth about his own moral inadequacies or those of his Father and Grandfather.

Author — James Worth


*Quick Q&A*
Does Trump understand how elections work *No*
Does Trump understand politics *No*
Does Trump understand collusion *Yes*

Author — Leigh H


Well, if he gets water on him he melts
It's a genetic thing, I believe.

Author — Cassandra Morrison


Interesting how they scream voter fraud so easily yet aren't in the least bit freaked out about the voting machines changing votes...

Author — TangiersIntrigue