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TYH Nation Presents
Every Yid's a Big Tzadik

Inspired By Rabbi Jungreis From The Niklesburg - Woodburne Shul

De Rebbe, Rabbi Jungreis is a champion of hope and positivity for a generation that feels it can never live up to the standards of greatness of our past Tzadikim. De Rebbe constantly reminds us that just like Noach was a big tzadik during a very tough chapter of history, so too every yid today is a BIG Tzadik and can achieve walking in the ways of Hashem and being a Light unto the world.

As De Rebbe says
“From his Keppelle till his Feeselle“.
Every Yid is a BIG Tzadik!

Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy

Verse melody and lyric concept & Veamech - De Rebbe Rabbi Jungreis
Chorus melody and Lyric concept - Mendy Worch & The Blumstein Brothers
Music produced and arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Vocals recorded by Jason Goldglancz
Bass - Danny Shnaiderman
Guitars: Noam (Hargol) Burg
Mixed & Mastered by Ronen Hillel
Lyric Video - MATISHRIKI Studio
Design - Yakov Josephy

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This song is a testament to the amazing outstanding love of this rabbi to Klall Yisroel!
No matter how many times we hear it it's still a wonderful reassuring message of hope and love

Author — Yisroel H.


Greatest song in the history of mankind!

Author — Jacob Freedman


I cannot stop playing this and I'm not Jewish

Author — Brian Peters


My son’s Rebbi, Rebbi Jungreis, from Pre1A at Yeshiva Ketana of Queens got my entire family hooked on this song! Love it! (Yishaya Babayev)

Author — Zehava Abramov


We play this song at my school every school day

Author — Moshe Glaser


Love this! When's it getting on spotify??

Author — Shmuel Jacobs


This is a nursery rhyme turned into a hit song! Fire!!! 😂🔥🔥🔥

Author — Diddlesssssss_ssss


As some who's worked with mendy professionally I can testify he's as good a person as singer much success

Author — nathan Genut


Nicely done! My boys all had Rabbi Jungreis so this is a household song!!!!

Author — Mr. Imperial


At the very least, this great and wonderful song pays tribute to the great and wonderful Rabbi Jungreis biz 120 mit alleh brachos.

Author — Marc Edelstein


Ironic. I'm a Jew and I literally never search for Jewish related stuff on YouTube, yet an ad brought me here.

HaShem has his ways I suooose. 💪✡️

Author — CrimsonCrisp