HIGHLIGHTS TOUR of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET)

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HIGHLIGHTS TOUR of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET) 5
The MET houses over 2 Million works of art, so where do you even start? You should start here. By watching this video.

1. New York State residents and students in NY, NJ, and CT: admission is pay as you wish. (Must show ID)
2. Visitors from outside New York State: mandatory admission fee: $25 for adults, $17 for seniors, and $12 for students.
3. Children under 12: FREE

Tickets are valid for three consecutive days at The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters.

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Shot on a Canon G7X Mark II on Saturday, April 22 (mostly).

In this video of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET), I take you on a guided virtual tour of the most popular works of art on display in the museum. You'll see Egyptian, American, Medieval, European, Modern, African, Greek and Roman, and Asian art and sculptures (and some architecture). You'll see art from impressionists, renaissance, abstract, and cubism. Famous artists in their permanent collection include Pisarro, Monet, Manet, Caravaggio, Bruegel, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, El Greco, Renoir, Cezanne, Toulouse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Braque, Matisse, and Seurat, just to name a few. Basically, they have everything. This video is a quick tour of all the highlights in the MET's permanent collection.

I studied a little Art History in college, so if you have any questions about anything you saw in the video, feel free to ask in the comments below.


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this is brilliant and extremely generous of you to take the time to put it together for those of us who will probably never get to the met. thank you

Author — Zentrist


Considering your constraints of time and media, you created a piece of art. The only problem for this old guy is my head was spinning and my eyes have not stopped spinning yet!

Author — Michael Reif


That was an incredible tour! Thanks so much for taking all that time to put all those pictures together for us... and for getting reprimanded twice, in the name of art :-)

Author — John Ciambriello


well this is quite an effort, congrats! it's quite a ride but it gets the picture of how enormous is the museum. as a side note, your speech is not always crystal clear also because you speak quite fast, please consider lowering a bit the background music volume. keep up the good work!

Author — Paolo Cristofoli


My first time at the MET.. literally played this on a loop the entire way there. Thanks for your effort man, helped a lot :)

Author — Adam K.


I've been to the Met probably 40 or 50 times in my life and I learned something new here. This video was incredibly creative and the host is great!

Author — david evans


Oh the art is amazing and the way you filmed that was perfect!

Author — The Comedy Hangnail


Just went there last week and it’s so hard to describe how MASSIVE the museum is. As an example, many museums have one or two large main “corridors” or “atriums”, but I’m pretty sure this museum has at least 7 (I didn’t have time to visit everything on the second floor). Speaking of time, if you love museums, then the MET is a half-day or even whole day visit. I wanted to see everything and even with the 4-5 hours I spent there, I still hardly read or even closely inspected each exhibit and ended up not having enough time to visit much of the second floor. In terms of tickets, if you are a college student, or look like a college student, if you’re not feeling too guilty, go ahead and buy the student ticket for about half the price. They never even checked my Emory Univ ID or my brother’s Univ ID. We just bought the tickets and put the sticker on our chest. Last piece of advice I guess I could give is that you should go when the special exhibit that the yearly Met Gala is based from is set up (when we went, it was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination) in the massive central room, it adds a lot to the trip.

Author — Alphamikee


Wonderful job capturing this massive museum!

Author — Robbie Backpacking


The other amazing feature of this tour was the ability of the commentator to keep up with the pace of this piece!!

Author — Michael Reif


Unfortunately, it is not pay what you wish anymore, unless you live in New York. $25 is mandatory :(. It goes against the original mission of the museum, but, there you have it.

Author — Kate DiLiberto


Me and my class went there before in 2018

Author — Denia Barrios


I really liked how you did that. was very cool.

Author — zekehooper


Great job even though you were not able to use video camera! This is amazing.

Author — iamsmiling


this was wonderful!!!! I definitely will be spending my birthday there this weekend. thanks so MUCH

Author — IzzyLizzy Lu


Very well done. Thank you for posting this.

Author — nivis


The edit job on this video must have been insane! Thanks for putting in all the hard work :)

Author — Maxx D


OMG..! You hit the nail on the head buddy that was great thank you for sharing

Author — Frank Verde


I’ve just binge watched about 20 of your videos and this is by far the best one! Amazing effort!

Author — Sam Brentnall


Brian you are an Amazing vlogger!👍👌your production values are exquisite!💚💜💙Blessings to Isa & you🙏

Author — Ivette Correa