Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

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Nurse arrested for following hospital policy 5
A Utah police detective is under investigation after arresting a nurse when she refused to let him draw blood from one of her patients.

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Nurses do NOT get enough credit for the things they do to protect and help a patient. For any nurses out there you guys are truly amazing!

Author — Bri


Good news, she was awarded $500, 000 for this. The arresting officer was fired and his supervisor was demoted.
People rights once again WIN!

Author — Chad Canadian


cop: let me take his blood
nurse: hes unconscious thats illegal
cop: let me talk to your supervisor
supervisor: hes unconscious thats illegal
cop: alright you're under arrest for not letting me break the law

Author — Dunk


*Arresting the poor nurse cause he wouldn't get his way, disgusting*

Author — Jamie's Spirit


you can’t just arrest people bc they didn’t give you an answer you wanted.

Author — Kensley Spillman


You can tell he only arrested her because he was upset at being told 'no' 🙄

Author — Breanne Smith


Hospital supervisor: "Sir, you're making a mistake."

Cop: go big or go home...

Author — Jacob Ward


This nurse accepted his apology. What a kind person she is.
She had to have been traumatized yet took the high road.
I am not sure I could have done the same.
Edit- I didn't do my homework. Sorry guys

Author — Miss Missy


Did she say NO!

I’m bout to end MY whole career

Author — Lit Boy


I think America is the place where you get arrested for doing your job.

Author — Ashi Na


So GTA was right: Police bump into you: "YOU ARE INTERFERING WITH US, HANDS UP"

Author — Dolce Banana


They wanted a blood sample of the person who WAS HIT by the suspect fleeing police?

Author — Christopher G.


Officer: literally hears the rules but proceeds to arrest her
Nurse: ah ill give him the benefit of the doubt, he didn’t know

Author — Bob Snob101


My mother's a nurse and I get really scared everytime she goes to work because of this shit.

Nurses don't get enough credit for what they do for us.

Author — Gloom King


Damn the Salt Lake City police are crap and the cop just got angry for not getting he want he wanted

Author — Cameron Huzinec


Her job is to follow protocol and do what’s best for the patient and the officers needed to accept that

Author — Opal Wolf


Dawm if i were her then i would press all the charges cuz that is really unacceptable to be dragged out of you workplace when you are doing your job correctly

Author — Cali


bruh can we just take a moment to be thankful for electronics that help us in learning todays matter

Author — 21Charlotte Neemia


America really needs to choose and train cops better.

Author — EA 333


I admire this nurse so much. If I had a cop talking to me like that I don’t think I would have been able to stand my ground. She went out of her way to protect a patient. Good for her.

Author — Mel3