Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

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Nurse arrested for following hospital policy 5
A Utah police detective is under investigation after arresting a nurse when she refused to let him draw blood from one of her patients.

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Good news, she was awarded $500, 000 for this. The arresting officer was fired and his supervisor was demoted.
People rights once again WIN!

Author — Chad Canadian


They should have been criminally charged with assault and kidnapping.

Author — Jeffrey G.


This lady is so nice. I would press every charge I could to that stupid officer. He’s a disgrace to humanity and I hope something like this never happens to anybody ever again.

Author — Olivia Does Gacha


Librarian: Can I see your library card?
Cop: Don’t have one.
Librarian: Well then I’m sorry, I can’t let you check this book out.

Author — TheLyricsGuy


She wasnt upholding hospital policy - she was upholding the law.

Author — Alexis Gill


cop: let me take his blood
nurse: hes unconscious thats illegal
cop: let me talk to your supervisor
supervisor: hes unconscious thats illegal
cop: alright you're under arrest for not letting me break the law

Author — Dunk


Someone with as fragile an ego and feelings as that does not need to be a police officer, it’s a good thing he was fired. As a firefighter, I’d hate working an accident scene with a man baby like that.

Author — Goose


She's a better person than me for not filling any charges.

Author — Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi


He literally took his anger out on her .
He can not be a police if he acts like that

Author — Elizabeth Glasby


What a horrible man, the type of person who doesn't like to be told no

Author — Pemze


I think he should be charged for making an illegal arrest and for assaulting her.

Author — chitarra0302


She's 100% correct. Blood samples taken in the normal course of treatment can be obtained by search warrant along with other medical records. Stupid cop.

Author — Tony Glock


I'm glad she wasn't black, then everybody would have been saying this was racist! In this case that would have overshadowed the actual truth of that police department's toxic members in the bunch! I'm glad she was rewarded for this mess...

Author — Genesis Omega Dynamics


He was only “sincere” in his “apology” bc he got in trouble. File a law suit for failing to do his job correctly.

Author — Victoria Nuon


The police officer making the arrest was ... FIRED.

Author — Margaret Lee-Reed


I wonder what he does to his wife when she says “No”

Author — Jay K


And there were other cops just standing around watching this and did nothing!! Disgusting !!

Author — Jack 23


That police officer deserved to get fired! He doesnt know what he’s doing. That’s why my husband keep fighting for innocent people against stupid police like this guy!

Author — may castillo


All the other cops who stood around and watch this happening knowing the law should have had charges filed against them too

Author — William Sholly


Arresting a nurse who is doing her job properly, this police officer is clearly insane...I hope he gets sacked....from what’s written below he did get sacked and the nurse got a nice pot of cash...about time the average person won

Author — TalkToTheBody