Volcano continues to spew lava on Hawaii's Big Island

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Volcano continues to spew lava on Hawaii's Big Island 5
Kilauea volcano in Hawaii continued to spew lava on Sunday, after its eruption and earthquakes forced locals to flee the area.

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I know Hawaii is a very beautiful place but why the Hell would anyone want to live
Near an active volcano?

Автор — Jose Montano


Be very very very careful guys, you are ridiculously close to that molten rock, it could fly anywhere!

Автор — David


Forget the filming, get out, be safe.

Автор — Free speech for all


My hearts and prayers go out to the people of Hawaii.

Автор — Get Smart Media Worldwide


Seems extremely dangerous. Especially with all of the toxic fumes being released.

Автор — AM Nat


Oh there is molten rock that can melt my face? Cool I will stand 10 feet from it and take a video!

Автор — Bharath M


Man to volcano. "Don't ruin my mailbox, or I'll make you Pompeii for it."

Автор — steven verdugo


Wow, seems Hawaii knows what going Terra Nova is like.

Автор — Chadwin Headlam


Seriously? Why tf would you stand there my dude

Автор — Руслан


That's right, just stand beside the volcano with lava flying out of it..

Автор — Irish 1916


Sumptin tells me probably he should move.

Автор — Chris Robinson


Bomb the volcano, it is attacking with sulfuric gas!

Автор — Mohammed Ansari


Will be better if volcano explode in the states.So many bandits worms warmongers..worst people(or nh) in this wild world ever!!

Автор — Uaz Patriot


Best time to get cheap tickets to Hawaii

Автор — Aseem


People in Hawaii thought it was a false alarm at first until they see the lava with their own eyes, next time please be more aware of everything around you.

Автор — Dumb Comment


_That heat must be a monster! Looks like the person is right upon it_

Автор — MaryMag & Martha


RT reporter should get out of there Snowflakes are bad, I would stay away from volcanic activity too.

Автор — ПРИВЕТ YouTube


And you'd build a house next to a volcano why?

Автор — John Shanks


(وما يعلم جنود ربك إلاّ هو) هذه آية من آيات الله. لا اله الا الله سبحان الله وبحمده اللهم قنا عذاب النار . غضب الله على القوم الكافرين

Автор — FaReS AnyWay


you guys are crazy all it takes is that volcano to sneeze one time and it's all over

Автор — SubtleReed