Anderson Presents Their Annexation Plan

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

Anderson, Indiana (February 14, 2013) Greg Winkler with the City of Anderson presented slideshow program to the city council and spectators outlining what the impact would be for the City of Anderson's Fast Forward program which includes annexations proposed by the mayor during the city council meeting Thursday evening.

This video is the latter part of what was about a one-hour presentation by Mr. Winkler. While it is the last part it is probably the most important to those who would be affected by Anderson's annexation proposal.

City of Anderson
The planned expansion of the city of Anderson boundaries would include 21 square miles in North Eastern and South Western portions of Union, Richland, Stony Creek and Green and Fall Creek townships.
Anderson Fast Forward would increase the city's population by almost 3,000, curtailing the risks of the city losing $3.1 million in vital federal funding, strengthening Anderson city services by allowing the city to increase public safety in the future by eight employees, and increasing Anderson's economic development success along Interstate 69.