Modi Denies India Is Targeting Muslims. We Found a Different Reality. | The Dispatch

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Modi Denies India Is Targeting Muslims. We Found a Different Reality. | The Dispatch 3.5

How can someone who’s lived for years as a citizen of India suddenly be declared illegal? Whistle-blowers told us how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party is making Muslims stateless.

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They don't even hold a live press conference in India itself, they will never talk to you cuz they don't have answers to common people's problems

Author — Neha Verma


Facts: Indian media never covered this.

Author — Watch dog


And to think, there are still a good percentage of Indians who believe Modi is a good guy

Author — Tanmay Jain


New york times in a parallel universe:

Trump denies that America is targeting black people. We found a different reality.



The govt will never speak to you NYT. Don't ever expect an honest response.

Sab changa si

Author — Jijumon M


So.. this cases is same as black matter.
Funny enough, colours or religious they all still human :).

Author — Noob Abyss


It's hilarious how Muslims from the neighboring countries are crying foul at this now but minority prosecution have been going on for more than half a century in those countries and none of them ever spoke against it.

Author — Truth Hurts


God bless the Indians and Hindus for helping the Muslim’s and fighting corruption there are still good people left on earth

Author — Ahmad Shah Durrani


Why is this only being covered by the media now it’s been going on for years

Author — Fire Beats


This is so heart breaking. Specially the man when he said he voted for Modi and now he don't have any rights to vote.


Author — hussain shaikh


When Jinnah said "muslims opposing Pakistan will spend the rest of their lives proving their loyalty to India"
I think he was right.

Author — Hermione Granger


Why not build housing for the slums! Smh!

Author — Beauty Babe


Modi ; No detention centre. Its lie

Then Road sign to detention centre...

Whos lie now

Author — Panca Yoga Purnama


Bigotry is visible to the whole world.

Author — Hi l


Why r u deleted comments against you 😂😂
I know u delete it also....

Author — Darwin Baba


Government just said that they don't have sufficient funds to maintain india Bangladesh border
But they have money for detention centre.

Author — sagar deshmukh


When you love cows so much, that you want to remove "all person that may bring harm to the cows".

Author — MesteerCornelis deHoutman


These shameless oppressors will one day have to answer. Surely God is just.

Author — feyzi with no surname


I have never come across as backward people as Modi's followers

Author — Hafeez Chaudhry


One short sentence, 'Karma is inevitable,

Author — Paa _Jee