pov: you’re living vicariously through your sims (current sims 4 gameplay)

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Siblings Corrine and Joseph (Joey) are young adults with bright futures. Corrine works in the Critic career and Joseph followed his mom's footsteps in the Finance Industry. They're pretty much best friends. The biggest fight they've ever had was probably about who left a almost empty carton of orange juice in the fridge. They have a fear of failing their mom and just want to live sustainable adult lives. As opposed to being eager to leave the nest, the siblings chose to stay home and build. However, Corrine has been feeling stuck at her dead end job - she's itching for a change.

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🪴hope you enjoy this one! shout out to my husband for letting me use his sim, kevin summers. check him out here:

Author — OshinSims


I love having videos on while I’m playing Sims so it feels like we are all playing together 💜💜

Author — Simtimistic


This is a suggestion to make your world's feel larger when staying I only one world, rotate lots. What I mean by that is have your comunity lots that are satay in place staples, but also have lots that you are ok with swapping out with another venue. For example maybe I have an office space where my sim "goes to work" so that is permanent but I want to go to the grocery store on Tuesday but to the nail salon on Thursday, i can pick a lot to hold each of those venues. I will make sure that venue is in place before I travel. But if I want to go get my nails done after I make groceries, I'm from New Orleans and that's what we call it lol, I can have the market in place, go there then replace it with the nail salon without having to travel. They're other ways to use this concept as well.

Author — Nic. John


This current household update was so chill yet also really fun, exactly what I needed today! I’m super intrigued to see where Zoe and Joseph’s relationship go, but I’m mainly focused on Corrine’s love life! Hoping Kev pushes through because whew- he is fine 👀😂

Author — Ryan


I'm loving this. 1. Corrine looks like the actress Ali Wentworth. 2. You crushing on your man's sim is soooo funny to me. 3. I'm curious to know what is your favorite sim date? Mine is when my sims was asked out and her date brought her to an empty bakery. (I imagined he rented the place out.) Her date then made cupcakes on the machine and served it at the table she was sitting at. It was so simple but it was really quiet and romantic.

Author — crunkandb


I love seeing your gameplay with mods! We need more LP’s with all the mods you want

Author — Wafaa


Oshin, I’ve been subscribed to your channel for quite a long time already, but haven’t written any comments although I just ADORE all your content. But now I just want to support you and thank you for videos, you can upload them even without any editing, I just love your voice, your sims, your style of gaming and everything about your channel. I watch your videos every day (some of the videos for several times), you brought so many ideas for my game. My style of gaming and storytelling improved so much because of you❤️

I wish you lots of inspiration ✨ Thank you so
much for your videos!

Author — esmirnova


You’ve really helped me tap into my imagination, I almost feel like I’m a kid again. I really enjoyed watching your current household❤️

Author — Ari


I absolutely LOVE the way you play this game, I've always just made a sim but never really put together a back story. That is until I found your channel. Thank you for bringing my imagination back! 💗💗

Author — Alyx Trout


what reshade are you using for this gameplay? it adds such a warm mood

Author — offski


i am so obsessed with how you can make a household with unique drama(?) and flaws. her hating her passion because of her career, her attracting bad men. all i can think of is cheating or a teen that sneaks out (it gets boring overtime😞)

Author — Asa Mabry


"I love the sims and I'm gonna play it." Yes!!!

Author — Sara Lynn


instant mood boost whenever oshin posts 🥳 thank you for being such an inspiration <3

Author — kskskso8692


Oshin i have never enjoyed playing the sims as much as i do now. you playstyle and everything just really inspired me to try smth different in my game and i couldn't be happier!

Author — b l a n k


I'm with you all the way. Regardless of the mess in the community. I'm going to enjoy the Sims. 3.4. Whatever. I love getting glimpses into this household. These sims are a work in progress.

Author — WordsWritten By Me


I absolutely love your gameplay, every time I watch it makes me want to delete my entire cc folder lol. And I love how relaxed and chill this current household was💗

Author — Amandaplays


Omg, yes 🙌🏽 Kevin! Girl, I downloaded him too. I’m not sure how I’m going to play with him yet. He is so cute! 🌊✨ This game and those bugs though 😂🤣.

Author — Diosa del Agua


Not me doing my laundry while watching :)
Your videos, ESPECIALLY this format- more relaxed and less editing, more you just telling the story you WANT to tell and just playing the game is so nice for me. I'm a busy mom and this just allows me to escape while I get some chores done <3

Author — Marshyism


I’m so so in love with your style it’s so cozy and relaxing 😍 i’m actually trying to find a simpler style and a more realistic one because i find it’s the way of playing perfect for me; thank you because you made me use my imagination again and you inspired me to add more depth in my sims personality etc. (sorry if I wrote something wrong, english isn’t my first language) Have a great day❤️

Author — Chiara S29


I appreciate when you play vanilla because it shows you can play the sims with a great imagination BUT modded gameplay is really where my heart is at. I love this type of your video 🥰

Author — Felicia Bailey