CUSTOM Meal Ready-to-Eat with my face on it | PEPPERONI PIZZA! Emmymade Exclusive U.S. MRE Ration

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CUSTOM Meal Ready-to-Eat with my face on it | PEPPERONI PIZZA! Emmymade Exclusive U.S. MRE Ration 5

Unboxing and tasting a custom made MRE that contains the brand new PIZZA entrée that I've been dying to taste. Big thanks to BlackDogBob for sending this to me and to Gundog for keeping me in the fold.

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I guess you could call it... an EmRE.

Eh? Eh? I'll show myself out.

Author — Tegan Lyons


Emmy, SO glad you liked it! Great video! I will be sure to put some extra packs of the mint chocolates in the next goodie box I send your way.

Author — Bob Gaskin


Happy 1 Million Subscribers Emmy! We thought this would be the perfect gift to mark the occasion. Thanks for being a great You Tuber & Friend. Cheers!

Author — gundog4314


Emmy could eat an old shoe and describe it beautifully and I'd still watch it 😍😍😍

Author — Josephine Barren


If the military issued those MREs with your face on them, it would be a huge morale booster. Guys seeing that cheery smile would know exactly what they were fighting for. Awesome video!

Author — MsKestrela


I love how uniformly positive the comments are on Emmy's videoes; such a good community speaks volumes of what a good person the creator must be!

Author — Heldor


imagine putting the instant coffee in the vanilla latte.. next level

Author — A P


I am not as cute as Emmy but if anyone wants to send me a MRE that would be great.

Author — wavygr


You should be on first we feast “hot ones!”

Author — Paizley Anderson


Emmy is so cool she deserved her own custom MRE.

Author — mike roberts


they need to bring back the mini bottles of Tobasco. or just give us something better like Texas Pete.

Author — Range Ryder


I have a similar memory of KFC and wet naps as a kid, that is so interesting lol. Wow, that pizza though, is like if a lunchable and a school pizza had a baby lol 😮

Author — Lisa TheCatDude


When she says "Oh yeah, uh-huh!" after drinking the coffee with the sugar cookie, she reminds me of one of those movie-secretaries from an 80s movie. Hahaha, fantastic!

Author — Anthony Dyrland-Marquis


11:55 “for you, mama” ouch, my heart!

Author — Debbie Ebbiebobebbie


My brother-in-laws have chickens and Bees too. The organic eggs and runny honey is so yummy. I thought it was so awesome until his "employees" (I call his bees employees) kept sitting on me and freaking me out. LOL

Author — Julie-Ann Rodriguez-Williams


9:24 She sounds like mickey mouse! 😂😂😂

Author — Cobblers Cookies


"Lost my cookies!" And "Because I like to light matches..." 😂 Emmy you are so personable

Author — Laci Minder


I remember the burning sensation of swallowing Hawaiian Punch too. I thought it was me. 😂

Author — Shaunae Christian


When the country of Emmalia is made, rival countries will be jealous so war shall start. Then we will use this to survive! 🤗

Author — rétro


I love the little snippets of your life when you walk away.

Author — Rawrishface