Gutfeld on Trump’s speech last night

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Gutfeld on Trump’s speech last night 5
It was a good night from President Trump and a bad one for the media. Reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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Trump didn't mention Climate change for the same reason he didn't mention Santa Claus.

Author — E.L.Dorado


Hey people! If you like socialism governments so please move to Venezuela. So simple!

Author — Toommy Becker



EVER, if u want it - leave now before your feelings get hurt!!!

Author — Jabbar JD1415


Juan would serve the discourse much better if he offered intellectual integrity and substantive arguments, rather than obvious TDS and whinig. He is dreadfully tiring.

Author — Gary Adams


One of the greatest state of union addresses of all time!!! We love you Mr President!!

Author — Jesus Christ


Trump is and will always be a Genius---- Howbout those Patriots???

Author — d2post1


Singing Happy Birthday to old world war 2 veterans is now triggering to leftists. What's with all the white clothed Democrats? Is that major virtue signaling?

Author — Robert Green


"Dont blame the old Juan, he was paid to be the most opposite insane person on the table and he always perform 110%".

Author — gl777


Juan is Van Jones 2.0

slave to the Democratic Plantation.

Author — I Am Nostalgic!


Yeah and no one brings up the fact that all those women in white look like they were ready for a Klan rally. I guess that's too much of a political powder keg for them to discuss on the Five.

Author — David Strickland


The National Emergency is not a joke. I think the joke is this Juan guys opinions. He is so out of touch with reality. It is scary that he is making a living talking so ignorantly.

Author — steve bolton


Just when you thought you couldn't be more proud of Trump, he turns around and gives a speech like that. What an awesome guy. God bless our POTUS.

Author — americafirstgal


Nancy Pelosi has a very smackable face...

Author — Chase Beavers


that Juan guy seems psychotic... then again... most all democrats are at this point

Author — SMB Reborn


Sorry to burst your bubble Joy Behar but Socialism is distorted without help from the right, just look at VENEZUELA!!!🇺🇸

Author — Ken Kellar


Fox please sack Juan nobody likes him or what he has to say

Author — scooby ?


Pelosi constantly reading behind his back was so disrespectful.

Author — Jeff Olp


Awww the feminist white coats. If any among us has never really gotten the phrase "feminism is cancer." I would hope this abysmal display of anti America value, anti American security for even women, and complete disdain for the lives of BORN children, would more clearly make it understood.

Author — coho slayer


Jaun should only be allowed 10 seconds of response as he is very hard to listen to. Juan is like finding a hair in a fine meal, gag....

Author — Mycoblue


wan needs to be slapped around a bit with reality

Author — oscar g