2019 Mirage G4 vs 2022 Mirage G4 Comparo

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

May bagong version na ng isa sa mga best selling sub-compact sedans in the market, the Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Pero parang magkamukha? Ano nga ba ang mga binago sa bagong Mirage G4? Alamin sa video na ito!

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I drive an almost top spec 2015 hatchback CVT with all options in Europe. I think time did not favor the Mirage. It has become heavier, the power of the 1.2 decreased from 80 to 71 hp (for environmental reasons) and it got heavier on top of it. So it uses a bit more fuel and is even slower than the earlier Mirages. I love the pureness of the concept of the earlier Mirages. I will drive mine until the wheels fall off. I have had only one small defect in 6 years and 100.000 km (leaking rainwater). It is technically 100% reliable.

Author — Ronald de Rooij


Both of those are nice cars.
The 2019 could be mistaken for a Hyundai, but the 2022 now has an unmistakable Mitsubishi look. They have done a great job on that. 👍

Author — classic287


The new mirage definitely looks more sharper and sportier but kinda seems generic because it looks similar to every mitsubishi line up all the way up to montero. While the outgoing mirage looks classy and a league of its own and the design is a somehow throwback from the 90s cars we used to see on the roads.

Author — rjmc


So nice to see two of the best reviewer on YT. So informative and will greatly help a lot of new car buyers and even for those who wants to upgrade. Kudos and keep it up guys!

Author — Richard Capricho


For the price of 900k?! I would go for Toyota Vios, no doubt.

Author — Jon Jeric Samson


The overall look of the new one makes the old one look dated. Pero in terms of upgrade, its too much. 2cyl parin pero ang mahal. Haha!

Author — Juan Dela Cruz


Personally... I have a 2014 gls model. I wouldnt upgrade to 2022 model. May nawala.

Author — MaxonWheel


Totoo po ba iba na AC brand ng 2022 sa g4?

Author — Dark White


Got a 16 gls g4.. not worth it... If facelift i can custom naman around 50k

Author — Bordex Parrilla


yun lagayan ng key fob yun nawala na tinutukoy nila I think for push-start unit

Author — Mark Rod


Not worth the upgrade. Coming from a 2016 GLS user. 900k+ is too much for a 1.2 liter engine.

Author — Don Sulit