What Happens If You Caught The Coronavirus?

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What Happens If You Caught The Coronavirus? 5

This is SARS CoV-2. It belongs to the family of coronaviruses, some of which cause disease in people and animals, named for crownlike spikes on their surfaces. SARS CoV-2 can cause COVID-19, which stands for coronavirus disease 2019, a contagious viral infection that attacks primarily your throat and lungs.

What actually happens in your body when you contract the coronavirus? What exactly causes your body to develop pneumonia? And how would a vaccine work?

Take a deeper dive into What If episodes with the help from the world's top thinkers in science.

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It’s funny how we’re learning about our own body while our brain actually knows all of these well enough to control and manage them.

Author — Gamer X



they taught us this good in schools

Author — ivvkverma


Imagine being this guy’s friend... he must have such interesting conversations

Author — Abbie Bennett


When a person sneezes in 2019:
"Bless you"

When a person sneezes in 2020:
"My time has come"

Author — AnimationsByAJ


Me: “gets corona” My mom: “cause you’re always on that damn phone!!”

Author — BeAsTlY3320


This video will end up being recommended to my kids in 20 years time

Author — Joel Brooks


May god save everyone from this pandemic

Author — shahil thakur


Gets Vaccined*

body: Your immune system has upgraded to level 10.

Author — average joe


Who else tried to breathe in sync when they showed the lungs and alveoli? 😂

Author — Memelyn The Culpable Embodiment of Insanity


Who's watching while in the pandemic?

Well that's a stupid question...

Author — Evie Jayne Squire


Random person scrolling thru the comment section I hope you stay safe and have a great day🤞

Author — R


Virus: Has protein shell for protection
Soap: I'm about to ruin this virus's whole career.

Author — humongous pp energy


If you are reading this comment I hope you or any member of your family is not infected by coronavirus

Author — Tanish Dagar


*Watches lungs breathes in and out*

Me: notices my breathing process

Author — Kazane


God created such a complicated genius system that we call body

Author — ZuhaLoveMusic


The Human body works so hard to allow us to do things without us having to think hard about it . Just breathing alone is a lot of work, the things we take for granted on the daily

Edit: thank you guys for the likes, stay safe & stay home please ❤️ you are loved & cared for . Btw I hope you guys wouldn’t mind but would you take a look at my channel & maybe subscribe? It would mean a lot

Author — Sindetta


When he was reading the symptoms, I felt like I am having all those.

Author — a hack's progress


*"What happens if you caught Coroavirus"*

Me as an intellectual: *You DIE*

Author — Dabi


When you cough in 2017: "I just have a cold"

When you cough in 2020: "We are in the Endgame Bois!!"*

*Over Snapchat of course social distancing is not a joke Jim

Author — Skipp Dunlap


Me: 2020 is going to be a great year...
Also me but in April: Wiping my ass with a Dunkin Donuts napkin

Author — KooopyZ