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Know Before You Go To Belize 5
Planning a trip to Belize? Don't miss these important travel tips before you go. My fiancé and I spent 12 days in Belize at the end of 2018. We visited San Ignacio, Placencia, and Caye Caulker. We also crossed the border to Guatemala for a quick visit to Tikal National Park. If it's your first time heading to Belize, these 23 travel tips cover some of the top things I wish I knew before we went. Already familiar with Belize? Add your own tips in the comments below.

What time of year to go :40
The local language 1:27
Wine 1:56
Belize City 2:20
AirBnB 2:43
Wi-Fi 3:01
Renting a Car 3:19
4x4 wheel drive 3:55
Speed Bumps 4:32
Money 5:16
Withdrawing Cash 5:30
Hummingbird Highway 5:45
Barquedier Waterfall 6:10
Blue Hole National Park 6:28
Caves 7:01
Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave Tour) 7:42
San Ignacio Farmers Market 9:03
Water Taxis 9:22
Boat Tours 9:52
Caye Caulker 10:22
Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce 11:06
Crossing the Border to Guatemala 11:32
Tikal National Park 13:33

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Im from Belize but sadly have never been on any of these places..😶😂

Author — Nelson Saldana


thank you for visiting my beautiful country of belize.

Author — ava matura


In Belize, we memorize where the speedbumps are, LOL

Author — Mayi


Thanks you for coming to my country Belize. Glad you enjoy your stay💜

Author — BTS LOVER


I'm from belize and I absolutely hate that the speed bumps aren't always marked. It drives me crazy.

Author — Doyle Williams


Hey . Thanks for coming to my country belize . Amazing place

Author — Kerina Ramos


I have been to jamaica and the Dominican Republic already and belize is high on my list of next destinations to visit in the carribean.

Author — Jam Connell


We appreciate people like you who embrace our nation with an open mind and open heart🇧🇿🇧🇿

Author — Vicky Elijio


I am a salesman in Belize so I've been everywhere. In the last 5 years the government has been upgrading all the roads. We will soon have beautiful roads everywhere. And they are going to pave the road to Caracol.

Author — Charlie Plett


My uncle and his wife moved to Belize 4 years ago and they love it! They’ve been telling us to come visit. Thanks for sharing.



Awesome review, BUT:
1) Belizean Creole is not "Jamaican" mixed with anything. It is it's own thing. It IS Belizean Creole. Syntax, grammar and accent are all different from Jamaican
2) Caye is pronounced "KEY"
3) You can buy exotic local wines anywhere in the Belize District

Author — pgbk87


You need to try Orange walk tacos if you come back . nice authentic reviews

Author — zain ayuso


Also, the language 'mix' that you are talking about, we just call it Creole

Author — Kaylie Heredia


I was born in Belize, but haven’t been back since I left in 1988.
I’m thinking its time to visit the mother land 😊

Author — Adrian


Belize is not a Spanish country. I remember a tourist lady talking to me in Spanish and I am Mopan Maya, yeah speak English

Author — the_Belizean gossip


I am from Belize and I cringed when he talked about Belize city crime rate and how he pronounced caye caulker😂

Author — Anonymous Gomez


This was a balanced review of touring our country Belize. Thank you!

Author — Shawn Mahler


Great Job I saw my business place here thanks for visiting Belize

Author — Revolution Artistry Cakefacecopy Makeup by Marianne


Your calm way of narration and concise verbal / optic tour was extravagant. Thank you for the time, patience and risk it took for you to produce the vid for all future visitors.

Author — Thelegend899


😌I am so happy you enjoyed Belize 🇧🇿 it’s an amazing place 😌you should come around September when it’s carnival season 🤩🤩🤩

Author — Gina Tejeda