Duotone Mono 2022 Product Clip

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MONO 2022
Freeride / Foil

The perfect one strut kite for freeriding and foiling; light, powerful and dynamic, it is sure to excite you every session.

If you are looking for a lightweight, dynamic and powerful kite for the ultimate in freeride and foil performance, the new 2022 Mono is the kite you need. With a super-low aspect design, the kite delivers plenty of low-end power and is optimised for light wind conditions. The wind range is wide, and you’ll enjoy longer sessions on the water if the wind picks up. Lots of one strut kites suffer from flutter when the wind increases, and as such, they have a very narrow wind range. The Mono uses the best materials available with a unique canopy profile and wide chord depth to keep flutter to an absolute minimum. The reduced weight of the kite makes for exciting performance in the air. In light winds, the drift and hang of the kite is incredible, and the low aspect nature makes it almost impossible to back stall. This makes it a really easy to use kite for newcomers to the sport. There is still plenty of performance to unlock, though with impressive handling and fast bar response. The Mono is a fantastic kite for foilers who want simplicity, the free-rider looking for a light wind weapon, and even wave riders who have light winds at their spot. If you travel a lot and want to keep weight to a minimum, then this is the perfect kite for you. The easy to fly and forgiving nature of the Mono makes it perfect for a wide range of abilities; from beginner to expert, the kite has something to offer everyone. With instant relaunch, you’ll spend more time kiting and less time in the water too. Over the years, the Mono has seen a lot of development; for 2022; it’s on another level again. Simply the best one strut kite on the market, accept no substitute, ride the Mono!


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Hello there! I am using a NEO 10 2019 model for my foil sessions. Beginning from 12 kn all the way up to 17. I am hugely satisfied with the low end of my kite as well as with the vast depower capabilities and the magical drift...! How is the MONO compared to the NEO? Also I would like to mention that when it comes to the upper end of the wind range the NEO is still friendly and fun to ride. What about the MONO?

Author — John Ble


Is there any difference compared to 2021 model?

Author — Richard Sup


I am currently looking for a kite and I found the mono although I would like to ask what size would fit me, I am 35-40kgs (yes I am a kid) and It’s Only 15-20 knots here. I would also like to know whether the neo would fit me because the waves here are amazing and I am looking for a 7 meter 3 strut. It says that the neo is powerful and I only need 1-2 sizes smaller so which one is best 5 meter? Thank you duotone.

Author — Tano Zhu


How does it compare to the D/Lab juice for foiling?

Author — Bryan Adams



Like to see the Mono in SLS or even DLAB Version. Mono and DLAB in 9/11 Foil Monster :)

Author — Kiting_David