Meeting America's Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) | Real Stories

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Meeting America's Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5

This two-part series sees veteran presenter Sir Trevor McDonald come face to face with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals as he gets exclusive access to one of America’s oldest and most notorious prisons.

Housing 1900 inmates, 12 of whom are on death row, Trevor spends two weeks in the dark and forbidding world of Indiana State Maximum Security Prison. He hears from men who know what it is like to live under the shadow of the death penalty and even the date and time they will die.

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"I took a cops life so I ain't getting outta here, but all the other killers have a sums up the legal system right there. :/

Автор — Nio


I really like the interview guy. He seems so calm and just... nice.

Автор — Lara E.


Imagine if he actually makes it to 100 years old and they let him out

Автор — Martin Lacko


The barber didn’t murder but is still in after 37 years.

Автор — Shari A


Good god, for a man who’s been locked up since 13 the one guy is very well spoken and cultured

Автор — Eric Moon


Imagine sleeping in prison, dreaming you are free. Only to wake up and realize you’re in for 170 years. I feel for him.

Автор — AutoFabb


Wish this man would do this series again. The inmates seem to respect him as an elder and his mutual respect in what he asks and how he asks it. Genuine real answers

Автор — JBizzy Gaming


Prison in the movies: Drugs and murder

Prison in real life: Xbox and cats

Автор — guitar covers 307


I was very interested in the inmate who has been in prison since he was 15 so I looked up his case and this is what I found-

On August 18th, 1987 both Ronald ( 13 yrs old ) and Sean his friend ( 15 yrs old ) knocked on the door of the house of two elderly sisters named Anna Harris and Julie Bellmar. The boys stated they went to the home to ask to do lawn work for money but Ronald ended up admitting that once Julie ( who had been the only home at the time ) opened the door they both pushed their way in for a robbery. In the end Julie Bellmar was stabbed to death and soon after Anna had returned home, she too had been stabbed to death both being found stabbed in their basement. After all of this, Sean had only gotten 5$ which he then took to the Indiana State Fair. In late 1988 Sean was arrested and was told to testify against Ronald for a lighter sentence. Sean then testified against Ronald stating he was just a bystander of both the robbery and murder of both Anna and Julie. Sean ended up getting 5 years 11 months 30 days but he only had to serve 2 years and 2 days of it. On the other hand, Ronald was given 170 years without patrol, at the time I am writing the comment Ronald would be almost on his 29th year.

Автор — Noe Is Asian -_-


Dude gets married on death row and I can't find a gf

Автор — Noah s


There’s a bunch of petitions to free the guy who been in there since 13



It is amazing how a guy with no free future ahead of him can be so intrigued by the meaning of humanity and philosophy. He is encouraged to make himself a better person, even when it cannot be put to use and is not expected of him.

Автор — Anjali K


Watching this has made me realize that I dont have to be depressed anymore. I am free.

Автор — Susan Koech


Host: "170yrs, that means you'll never walk outta here"
Prisoner: "Well, I'm eligible for parole when I turn 100"
Sounds like he's grabbing hope in a hopeless situation!

Автор — Phenyo & Kgothatso Mashiane


When people on death row are more civilized than on general population.

Автор — fire4fun1


When death row people are more nice than your friends 😑

Автор — RiceGum Extra



What a wise man 👍

Автор — Faisal A


මම ඔට්ටු අල්ලනවා ඔයා එහෙම කළේ නැහැ කියලා

Автор — Marion Henderson


"It seems as though I've been in this prison so long I've never been free"... That's heartbreaking, no matter what he did ...

Автор — Cris Tian


U really think about life watching this

Автор — Jason