Nathan Sharp - Voice Acting Visual Reel

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Nathan Sharp - Voice Actor Visual Demo Reel
Here are some projects I've had the honor of lending my voice to over the past couple of years!

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Hey y'all! Here are some animated series and video games I've voiced in over the past 2 years. Hope you enjoy!

Author — Give Heart Records


No doubt that Nate will voice the next big hit Cartoon or Anime.

Author — KidEDarus


Dude, how is it that you nail every role you play? Like my god, even in the newest Fairy Tail movie was like "Jesus Nate, can you be any MORE talented?!"

Author — RikuVAnueva


Wait... Isn't it that you also voiced Craig from dream daddy? Or did I get wrong info/ had a misconception?

Author — cole


So awesome. :) Your voice fits perfect for each of these characters and how you change it up for each one. :) Looking forward to more of your voice acting in the future. :) Keep up the talents you've been blessed with. God bless yours and you, Nate! :)

Author — Missy J


Dude you voice act? That's so dope! How have I coincidently never watched any of these probably didn't help either.

Author — GinGear A K A SeanNaulls


Mercenary of drinking....why do I see Nate using that title when he goes out with friends lol.

Author — FallenStargazer43


The many voices of Nathan Sharp. This is awesome

Author — ThePickledNarwhal


Who taught you this beautiful voice acting skills?

Author — Jose Mercado


you do an outstanding job at voice acting. i didnt even know you voice acted in any anime or anime game. thats pretty awesome, props to you man. i got full on respect for you bro. :)

Author — Curren Luft


Damn, what a super talented boi. I love this dude.

Author — Nico Lee


You Did Awesome In Luck And Logic Nate!! Keep It Up

Author — Pyroticphoenix1


I didn't know you did voice acting too! It makes sense though! You clearly have the talent for it!

Author — Chelan Moly


I watched luck and logic just cause you voiced in it

Author — Atreyu


Watching other Nate videos to see a notification for a Nate video lol
He has such a casual anime/game voice, it fits so perfectly

Author — AxoAtlas


Nate, it's 2:10 AM. Are you okay, buddy?

Author — Cassie Grey


Nate you were awesome in voice acting in luck and logic also indigo ignited but i didn't know that was your voice on puzzle and dragons

Author — Nati


This makes me so endlessly happy, you don't even know. You're amazing! :D I really want to watch the rest of Luck and Logic, it looks so good!!

Author — jazzaiyana


What about you as Zack fair in the Final Fantasy 7 machinabridge?

Author — Luis Gutierrez


Nate has come so far over the years.
It's so damn impressive to look back and see all that he's accomplished. Great job, Nate! I'm really looking forward to seeing what roles you may get in the future! (On a side note, I think you really fit the role of an energetic announcer, like in Puzzle & Dragons X)

Author — EXStephen