Exclusive: Embedded with Iraqi special forces in Mosul

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Exclusive: Embedded with Iraqi special forces in Mosul 4.5

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For more than two months, Iraqi forces have fought to retake Mosul from Islamic State group militants. A quarter of the city has been recaptured but the jihadists are still resisting, while many civilians are caught in the crossfire. Although the foreign press has been largely banned from entering Mosul, our reporters managed to spend two days embedded with special forces.

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We Are Heros My Name is Amer In Englesh its means Prince Im In The Gloden Division(Iraqi Special Force) And I Giv All my Thanks To Thes Channel

Author — العراق العضيم


A hole in his head and he goes like: "Common! Give me a rocket launcher!" What a badass!

Author — Robert Sylvester


they dont even have helmets . i have never seen so many balls of steel in one video

Author — ali lavasa


Feel sorry for them.. beautiful country and people destroyed by political games and extremists :(

Author — i5 4670k


The colonel was injured on the head and bleed so much and he ask his soldier for a rocket luncher and still goes on and fight. great commander I salute him. I salute the army and peshemerga for fighting isis monster animals.

Author — Moe Bazzi


The little boy at 16:24 breaks my heart, you can tell he's scared but he stands in between his family and the Iraqi soldiers, whom are there to protect them but just in case he holds his ground in front of his family. I'm glad the Iraqi soldier gave him a hug and a kiss on his forehead to reassure him that everything will be OK. Can you imagine the mental scars you would have being raised in the middle of a war torn country?

Author — Devo OS


3 quick shots by that sergeant, 1 dead terrorist. That dude's amazing!

Author — Neal Teitelbaum


That man that got hit on the head said “give me a rocket launcher” what a ganster

Author — Plump Titan


This cameraman has balls. Could easily have been killed during this footage.

Author — Smig


9:54 just to clarify his men are forcing him to get medical treatment and he is ignoring the plead as he wants to bandage and continue the barrage... in other words BEAST

Author — Max K


The camera man have just as much balls as the Iraqi soldiers

Author — lord tachanka


عاش الجيش العراقي ✌
وعاش الشعب حرا ✊
Free free iraq

Author — فلسطيني الى الابد


Me from bed in America:

“Damn that’s crazy!”

Author — ether


wh o else is here in 2020 and still praying fr the broken children and fammilies

Author — I0ZA Clan


I love Iraq & iraqis soldiers, from india

Author — Md SARFARAZ


I am actually quite pleased with the Golden Special Forces of Iraq. Yah, they aren't American, Canadian, or other top tier Special Forces, but in the 3 years from destroyed to retrained and galvanized into fighting units, they have come a ways and are now doing pretty well. Not bad, not bad at all. They will only get better and destroy deash scum bags.

Author — The Random YouTuber


Compared to afghans, Iraqis are at a different level

Author — urnutsout


"Where is my Father?"

*It hits hard*

Author — Just a bean with Internet Access


تحية طيبة لجيشنا العراقي الباسل من نينوى ابن تلعفر التركماني مر من هنا

Author — احسان علي


20:46 badass commander kills an Isis fighter

Author — isrrael kumiko