Sebamed India | Doodh Jaise Safed Soap Ka Sach

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Jaaniye apne safed soap ka sach.
Witness Sebamed speak the truth of pH 5.5.

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About Sebamed:
Sebamed is the world’s leading skincare expert from Germany with more than 50 years of rich experience. Our range of products provides you with the unique advantage of pH 5.5 which preserves your skin the way it’s meant to be!

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The first strait forward comparitive ad I have ever watched 😆😂 love if this is not banned

Author — चील कि तेज आंखे वाला भक्त


First time in my life searched for a soap advertisement 👌 kya strategy hai yaar😂 first LUX then Dove 😂😂😂😂 👍

Author — Novohsree Dasgupta


All those asking questions about legality of this advertisement may kindly note that Comparative advertisements are allowed in India provided the claims are truthful and not disparaging.

Author — rohit


I am using Tide surf for long time and now my skin is whiter then milk :)

Author — Mr parrot


I am here after Dove soap ads on TV and sabun ki sachai ads from youtube 🤣 trolling eachother so badly

Author — Amisha Singh Munda


Wo jo lotion giraya hai kandhe pe madam esa lagra ki kawa hug ke gaya ek tho lagalo yar poch do🤣😂

Author — Chocolate tea cooking


Read if you feel this is a valid ad. pH is a measurement of acidity or basicity of aqueous solutions (liquids). Water itself which is used with any soap has a pH between 6.5 to 8.5. A pH of a solid soap is not a valid measurement as the water qty is way higher than soap during a bath/shower and brings the pH of the soapy solution for your shower to 6.5 to 8.5 depending on water quality - So worry about the quality of water you use. Any regular soap under pH of 9 is good.

Author — Amit Kumar


Dove ki advertisement mei maine kbhi kisi filmstar ko Nhi dekha... The Dove soap ads are always simple and they create ads casting common people as the main face..
And the soap is also very soft and good for skin.

Author — Navjot Kaur


Literally me and my elder sister were dabbing after seeing this ad😅 lolll😁 The most op ad I've ever seen😄

Author — Atharva Wagh


Honestly pH 7 is not that bad. But anything above that can be drying. I love both dove and Sebamed 😊

Author — Preeti Das


It's not usual when some brand steps up and talks about what really matters to our skin. Kudos to the Sebamed team. I recommend everyone should get it.

Author — Dipti Parwani


I also use sebamed cleansing bar. It's work's for my skin

Author — Ertiza jahan Namia


Best👍👍 sabse honest ad abb takk kaa
Proud of you seba med

Author — Suman Kamal


I love this ad, congratulation to seba made realy original and fearless ad.first time in india.

Author — nikky ubnare


Please share the real names of models and doctor as well

Author — abhay walvekar


I love this concept. or ha Wo kr diye Sebamed ji aap to :)

Author — Shubham Lambha


Dhyan dove or lux pe gya h ad me😂😂😂 seba med ko kisi ne nhi suna

Author — Ceylon Blue


Wow very brave h company ke owner dove lux & rin jaise company ko aankh dikha rhe h aisa lag rha h hamare Rajiv Dixit ji ke kadmo pr h very good 👍🏻

Author — Umang Sultania


Yaar comment subko jagruth karke k liye hota hai.... Inke guts ko support karo yaar.. Like aur comment

Author — Deepika Bajaj


from when did litmus paper started to change color on ph 7 ?

Author — Monika Laduna