2020 Corvette C8 review: see how quick it is 0-60mph + 1/4mile... And the shocking UK price!

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It’s time for another first for Mat and the carwow team - We’ve got our hands on a Corvette! But it’s not just any Corvette… It’s the all-new Corvette C8, and it’s the first mid-engine Corvette since the original model was released back in 1953!

It was first revealed back in Summer 2019, and when you look at the specs, it’s no surprise we’ve been dying to get our hands on one! With a 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8, the Corvette will be able to put down 496hp and 637Nm!

Sounds pretty good, right? But that’s not all… It’ll only cost $62,000 - less than an AMG A45 S!! So what do you think - is this all-new sports car worth the ‘cheap’ price? Keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
01:39 Exterior Design
03:44 Interior Design
05:51 Practicality
06:34 Boot
09:16 Five Annoying Features
10:50 Five Cool Features
12:38 Engine
14:04 0 - 60mph & Quarter-mile
15:56 Everyday Driving
17:25 Twisty Road Driving
18:54 Verdict


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I'm wanting to drag race this car... But which cars should I race it against? Let me know and I'll try to make it happen!

Author — Mat Watson Cars


US price: very nice, interesting and affordable

Author — Car Pal


The computer limits the car to ~80% power until it is broken in...500 miles I believe but I could be wrong. So just think...3.6 seconds in "break in" mode. Not shabby at all. Tadge Juechter mentioned this in a video with Jay Leno. I did really enjoy this video though...very entertaining hosting.

Author — BlueWorldTV


4500rpm redline means it is still in break-in period. So cool!

Author — Tiening Wang


Matt your roof is off, you can’t do your speed test like that 😂😂

Author — WishMount


It’s programmed to 4500 rpm during the break in period. When it passes 500 miles that’s when it revs to 6500 and you get under 3 second 0-60.

Author — RellupNorth


Available in UK in 1-2 years for £50K or now from Clive Sutton for £132K. WHAT?! 😂

Author — Essential RC


Mat: it looks like a transformer
Editor: shows optimus prime who is a semi truck

Author — Cobalt496


Why did he test it with the roofs down??
Doesn't it degrade the performance a little bit??🤔🤔🤔

Author — Paul Jonah


Mahnn I love Mat🤣🤣, S/O from South Africa🇿🇦❤

Author — Thulani Bergman


I watched another video on the C8 a while back that was talking about the outside mirrors.
The length difference is to provide comparable visibility on both sides of the vehicle, and is due to seating position and wide rear on the car.

Author — Mr Nobody


The nose lift remembering 1000 locations is genuinely cool..

Author — R N


Matt's like a little kid who finally saw a supercar its so fun to see him talk like that

Author — Trilochan velmurugan


Oh man, i think this car`s disign is absolutely epic

Author — Himansh Dev


This is an epic car for its price in the US - will be interesting to see what it is when they arrive in Aus

Author — Alexander Watson


16:37 Who else saw the economy go from 25 to 2 mpg🤣

Author — Varun


Matt you will definitely have to retest with a Corvette that's over 500 miles. Car starts out with a break in tune that drops the rev limiter and power until 500 miles then it will do 2.9 sec 60 easily and low 11's all day! Whoever buys this one tell them to come back. Nice video.

Author — turblown


7:00 Little does he know there is a front trunk release on the front under the driver’s side headlight

7:50 Little does he know there is a trunk release above the license plate like a normal car’s trunk release

10:00 The passenger side mirror is longer for better visibility

Man you learn so much from the Doug DeMuro car reviews!

Author — Kaden W.


GOD BLESS AMERICA! Matt Watson is the new top gear for me, his videos are great sprinkled in with dad humor. 10/10

Author — Jesse Jensen


Mat really can be quite entertaining... props and respect, Mat... this is a very good video. *Edit to add, someone needs to tell him he's driving on the wrong side tho, haha*

Author — Overseas Contractor Academy