Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 4: The Conspiracy

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It may seem like I've said all there is to say about the flat earth phenomenon, that dumbest hoax on the internet, but we haven't yet examined the conspiracy itself. What would have to be true for this scam to be pulled off? Rather incredibly, without making a single observation or knowing anything about science whatsoever, even just the story of the con itself falls apart quite laughably upon the slightest bit of scrutiny. Let's check it out.

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Imagine being one of those people who studied Physics for years through school, then University, then getting your masters. And you're super excited to start on your career as a physicist, and then first day on the job the boss calls you into their office and says "btw, all that stuff you learnt over the last 10 years or's all a lie. We don't actually do any work, we just sit around playing video games all day and then tell people we've discovered something new." What a mindfuck that would be.

Author — phil wilson


Dave has done it. He has debunked flat earth with the existence of flat-earthers.

Author — Spiker Games


The funniest thing for me is flath earthers typing "science is fake" on a device solely created through science LMAO

Author — Luckyluckyluc


“Nobody spends that kind of money for literally no reason”

NFT owners: hold my beer

Author — BallisticNoodle


Flat earthers "Everyone who talks about space is liar"
Flat earthers "People can fall from earth into space"

Author — ahha6304


Im considered the stupidest amongst my friends but like they keep on saying "at least you're not a flat earther" and this makes me proud of myself

Author — Ony Ren


Yup I remember clearly my first day of physics 101 like it was yesterday. We were brought before the supreme overlords to swear allegiance. A few initially refused, but after their liquification and replacement everyone complied. Shortly after the head of the physics department walked out smoking a golden cigar. He lead our class through a massive series of tunnels that put the Cave of Wonders to shame. There was gold, jewels, statues, paintings piled higher than the eyes can see. And the women. The price was easy enough. We just had to invent new ways to lie about the shape of the planet. While we may have been dragged along at first, after that first night there were none more dedicated to the cause. Good times. Thanks for the reminder Comrade Dave. See yah on poker night.

Author — deadlypandaghost


I always like to out-maneuver the conspiracy theorists.

"I believe the earth is flat."

"Oh, you're one of those people who believe the earth exists? You're really fine with giving in to what they want you to believe?"

Author — Barely Protestant


This wasn't a debunking of flat-earth. It was a merciless decimation. And it was beautiful.

Author — Johny Truant


I actually went to Antarctica. We evaded military patrols and reptilian royal guardsmen for weeks, until at last we came up The Wall ... a wall so big it would dwarf even Donald Trump's wildest dreams. With climbing spikes and ropes, we climbed the wall. The 100km climb took us days, and we finally reached the top. When we made it to the top, we found a series of mostly abandoned ancient alien fortresses and buildings. The top of the wall was about 50km wide, and it took us some time to reach the far side and look down at what lay beyond. What we saw was an entire _other_ world beyond! Dense forests, frozen mountains and snowy tundra, even deserts off in the distance. We used our telescope to search the distant lands for signs of life. We saw native people living there, as well as monsters and creatures beyond your wildest imagining! We even saw what we could only describe as the White Walkers, leading armies across the lands. They looked up at us with cold, blue eyes and I know they saw us. We were chilled to the bone with terror, so we ran back to the opposite edge of the wall. There we assembled our hang gliders, and we leapt from the top of the wall. We glided back to southern Chíle, landing at around 5pm, and went and enjoyed some tacos. This is the first time I've ever spoken about this expedition. The world isn't flat or round, it's infinite and the further you go the more Earth spawns!


Author — Aaron Carter


I walked off the edge of the earth the other day... luckily I was rescued by the giant turtle holding up the earth on its shell! Phew! Close call! 🐢🤟

Author — Jack Sparrow


It’s amazing how this conspiracy “theory” falls apart with even the slightest amount of thought.

Author — Hyper Hedgehog


every time i feel stupid i'll just remind myself that people genuinely believe the earth is flat

Author — Alexis Northup


I worked at a Planetarium in a science museum, and I have to say, when I was invited to the crazy sex party it wasn’t that fun, they were mostly lizards. Luckily, before the Planetarium, at that science museum, I took care of some lizards in the life science lab, and knew their language. So I got them to pay me off in candy instead.

Author — Mariah Gem


This is actually more convincing than any science and definitely much more hilarious 😂

Author — snirest


I am not even a scientist. Just an IT engineer, that works with GPS, and uses haversine formula to calculate distances over the Earth. The formula that would give wrong results if used on a flat plane. Someone would have to pay millions of people like me, and pay a lot to keep the secret.

Author — Kazimierz Król


Hi Dave. I’m 27 years old who’s a vehicle mechanic and never been to college.
5:03 Is there really a sex party induction? If so, I must be missing out…
😅😂🤣Kidding, I’m kidding! But seriously, it doesn’t take a genius(no offense) to know that the Earth is and always has been a sphere with Antarctica at the South Pole, not some dillusional, disproven disc surrounded by a supposed continental ice wall, with a cult of slackjaws that need a re-education.

Author — Kyle Delgado


I love how professor Dave breaks down and debunks every nuance and aspect of the ridiculous flat Earth theory. and in a way any idiot with a brain stem could understand. good work



The story of Flat Earth:

Once upon the internet, there was a meme, where people make fun of scenarios where the earth can be flat, and just have a fun time.

Then, came people who wanted attention, and importance in their lives.
These people saw the flat earth meme and decided to take it seriously.

These people already had a small following, so if they can make a story just true enough, their popularity will grow.

And so, Flat Earthers we're born.
They lie about the shape of the earth to increase the scale of the conspiracy so that the people who made this conspiracy get more popular.

This started an internet war between Globe Earth vs Flat Earth, Science vs Pseudoscience, Nerds vs Dropouts, etc.

People have tried and tried again to disprove or reinforce the flat earth conspiracy every day, and flat earthers keep making up stuff, just to keep the conspiracy alive for just a bit longer.

And so, after a few years of fighting on the internet, the flat earth can now return to just being a meme. Or can it? The real enemies in this battle are the people that started it all. Flat earth priests. They created the conspiracy just to feel more important. And so they caused a war. They took flat earth from a meme to a conspiracy. The end.

Author — trashman


As an aerospace engineer, I can confirm the sex party ritual is required to obtain your degree.

Author — Ray G