Eurovision 2013 Final: Petra Mede - About Sweden (Interval Act) [FULL]

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Eurovision 2013 Final: Petra Mede - About Sweden (Interval Act) [FULL] 5

The video is uploaded for pure entertainment, try to keep the comments clean :)

One of the interval acts during the Eurovision Song Contest Final 18/05/2013 in Malmö Arena, Sweden.


All rights belongs to Sveriges Television (SVT).

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As a swede, I can confirm that this is how sweden is.

Author — Jonathan Dannelöv


people from eastern europe are crying politics during the finnish lesbian kiss... then sweden suddenly gave them gay kiss... hahaha....

Author — scorpioninpink


I just watch swedish Drama Series "Never.Wipe.Tears.Without.Gloves", and I just want to say cherish what u' ve been through and the thing u got so far. Your country change and evolve in just some ten years, Swedish should be proud.

Author — Elio


This was my favourite year, Sweden knows how to make a good show! I love it! Greetings from Finland :)

Author — aisku1


The only thing that could beat this would be by making a mock Eurovision song called 'Peace Peace Love Love'.

Author — Gmackematix


"What if Angela Merkel comes?" xD

Author — Bwans_Art


Fantastic show! And I think we Finns know our neighbours well enough to understand most of the inside humour.

I understand the appearance of Carola with a wind machine was a reference to her performance in ESC Athens 2006?

Author — Tuomas Hämäläinen


Love it.  Sweden have an impossible act to follow - the 2013 show was just in a different league!

Author — James Martin


An American here that got MOST of the inside jokes~! I have scandinavian ancestors so I've always been fascinated by the region. BBC America does not air ESC (VERY sad about that), but luckily I was able to watch the live broadcast on SVT's website, and I could not stop laughing at this performance. All of the production group did an amazing job with the show this year~. :D Can't wait for next year in Denmark!

Author — QuatrinaSempai


I loved the Danish hosts this year but it's really hard to beat Petra!!

Author — James M


As a Swede I must say this act is absolutely fabulous. Right on spot. But I wonder if people from other countries understand actually how fun this is? Since it is a lot of inside humour and references. Must also say I am impressed by Petra Medes way of performing this (and the whole show)

Author — pw22ae


LOL I'm from Finland and this was so darn funny, the swedes can put on a show :) excellent :)

Author — grumpycat


That was the best Eurovision show I've ever seen. The Austrian show was boring. :(

Author — Lemonz1989


I love her. let her host the sow in 2016

Author — Ed HV


As a gay youth in America, the only two I got was the ambivalent relationship with church and the gay marriage/kiss. lol :D

Author — mrArchduke


PETRA PLEASE HOST ESC 2016😍😍 best host ever

Author — Benny Pappas


Oh sweden, you are just so great! But still, you will never beat us, you lovely neighbours, the finns ;)

Author — Miroysti


my most favourite part of the whole Eurovision that year was when the girl said "oh look, it's Carola"

Author — Pepsi Cola


As a Swed, I had fun watching this and laugh x)

Author — TheBloodyFox


I like this Interval Act. Petra Mede is a super Entertainerin. :-)

Author — Thomas Pirovano