Revel Speaker Shootout - M105 vs M126BE vs Gem2

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Speaker shootout between 3 major Revel product lines: Performa3 M105 ($1500), the PerformaBE M126BE ($4000), and the Ultima2 Gem ($10,000). Are the price differences worth it? Watch and find out!

Edit: At 3:00 I meant to say the *M126BE* [rather than the M105] is extremely neutral on-axis, although slightly less than the M105.

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Thanks for your review. I also have all three of these speakers, and obviously prefer the Gem2s for their staging. They are the main speakers in both of my smaller listening rooms. I wonder what you think of paring the Gem2s with the smallish (for an electrostatic) Martin Logan ESL C for a center speaker. I have heard electrostatic fans comment that the Gem2s have a similar sound and attribute that to their (incredibly light beryllium) metal tweeter and wide-dispersion mid-range. I also have the Revel Performa 3 C208 for the center of my home theater system; their wide dispersion makes a huge difference in dialogue and allows louder movie sound without blasting the viewers sitting directly in front. Using these revel speakers to listen to classical and jazz from surround SACD discs is a revelation - pun intended. Finally, I am a big sub-woofer fan and always pair preferably two sub-woofers with these "bookshelf" speakers for low bass note resolution. PS: all of my Gem2s were purchased used on eBay.

Author — Albert McMeen


Great job I am searching for a bookshelf speakers in office spare bedroom to pair with my Rega Brio Amp and have considered Revel M126be, M105 and Martin Logan 35xti, Dynaudio Evoke 20, Wharfedale Denton 85, Dali Oberon 3 and the Monitor Audio Silver 100. Thank you for your review.

Author — Mike Paul


What are the most dynamic and fun speakers in the under the 5k range you heard?

Author — OriginalMindTrick


You should of done the concerta series too, overall great review.

Author — Mohammed Nuruz-zaman


Nice review comparison! Do you own those Gem2 speakers?

Author — Anthony Magliari


So the 105’s are still a great speaker and value

Author — Gerald Greene


Shootout???? Are you kidding me. All talk and no sound??? This is an video, "AUDIO" medium, you know.

Author — Ken McGlown